2014.10.30 – Resume the Resume

I was going to go downtown with Andrew this morning and meet up with Amanda but my eye was still quite swollen so I opted to stay home. It was another beautiful, rainy day. I curled up on the couch with my tea, cat, and laptop and started checking email. There was something from the OPW career advisor already! I read through his email and he had so many helpful tips and suggestions. He also pointed me to an article that was really helpful to me personally. I sent him an email back thanking him for taking so much time to look over my resume and to send me so much advice.

It looked like another day of resume writing for me. I was going to have to start all over so I made myself comfortable and got to work. Between formatting issues, finding dates and proper wording, additions and deletions it really did take me nearly the entire day. I only took breaks to eat and go to the bathroom. I could hear Kronda and Lukas telling me to get up and take a mandatory 15 minute break so I at least did that!

Andrew had come home early. He had a headache and wasn’t feeling well so I made him lunch and got some laundry going. Wayne was spending the day mudding the TV wall.


I sent off my resume and requested another quick glance and then worked on the Haskell homework. The first time I looked at it it seemed really difficult and confusing but I just spent some time and it wasn’t bad at all. I missed a couple of questions but did pretty well overall.

It was BSD Pizza night so Wayne, Natale, Andrew and I headed to the next pizza place on the list, Life of Pie and it was excellent! We haven’t found many really good pizza places but we would definitely go back to this one. My pizza had marinara, caramelized onions, kale and basil. They have a pretty cool wood fired pizza oven and it’s really nice inside. We still like Handsome Pizza the best though.

Josh was the only other person to show up for pizza so while he and Andrew talked about whatever they talk about the rest of us went down the way to What’s the Scoop to see what they might have that was vegan. They both mango and chocolate sorbet. We opted for chocolate sorbet with sliced almonds. Yum! I wanted a waffle cone but they make theirs with butter. Oh well. It was good anyway. We headed home and watched an episode of Dr. Who. We are so far behind!

Today I learned that Josh wrote a lot of the code for the Transmission BitTorrent app.

2014.10.29 – Haskell Hassle

I decided to take a break from the resume stress today since I was now just waiting to hear feedback on mine so I started working on another Mozilla bug. I happened to see a conversation going on in the #OPW IRC room with a career advisor so I lurked in on that and saw that they offered to review resumes. I asked if an OPW applicant could also send in a resume for review and they said sure. Another set of eyes couldn’t hurt so I sent it off to the address they gave then went back to my bug.

I first pulled in any changes from the remote Air Mozilla repo and then started making changes to the Roku channel feed XML file. I ran the tests to see if my changes broke anything and holy crap nose tests completely puked. I reverted my changes and ran the tests again with the same pukey results. Well hmmmmm. It obviously wasn’t the change I made. The error was related to the database so something must have changed but I’m using my own local database so I had no idea what I could have possibly done. I figured I’d just drop the database and recreate it. Simple! Except PostgreSQL wouldn’t let me drop the database. It was telling me there was another connection. I had stopped the server so that was weird. I had to dig around and figure out how to see the connections and then kill the process. Finally I dropped the database and recreated it but I still had the same issues when I ran the tests!

What I failed to realize since I’m not very experience with databases is that the test suite creates its own database test_mozilla.db. Someone in #airmozilla-dev said something about manage.py migrate not migrating the test_mozilla database and also asked if I had dropped it and recreated it. Well no I hadn’t dropped it because I didn’t know it existed but once I did I was able to do just that and everything was happy again! It’s so nice to be able to get the help I need so I can keep moving forward. Had I not asked for help and gotten that tip I would surely have given up.


Loyal Lily stuck it out with me.

With the database fixed I went back and made my changes again, ran the test suite, and sure enough I broke stuff! It was only the stuff I knew I would break though so all was well. I took a break from that and started working on the lab for the Haskell course I am taking. I started working through things and everything was fine until I had to figure out what this did before trying it in the interpreter:

(head [length]) “Hello”

I looked at it and I know what head and length do but this just looked weird. A function inside of a list inside of parenthesis with another function. I guessed it would evaluate to 4 but it evaluated to 5. Hmmm…I tried changing it in many different ways to see if I could gain some clarity but I just didn’t get what was happening. I screwed around with this for TOO long and finally went to ask Andrew. He was really busy thinking so he wasn’t much help. Back downstairs to try and figure it out.

A few classmates and Kronda showed up in IRC so we talked a bit and it made me really miss everyone. IRC is great but it’s just not the same as hanging out. It was a nice distraction from Haskell though!

This all took long enough that it was time for me to head to my eye doctor appointment. I had this stupid stye that never went away. It was awful looking but I didn’t want to get it taken care of sooner and have to miss any days of Ascend.

I drove over to the hospital and checked in pretty early. I didn’t know how long it would take me to get there or if I would have trouble finding the office but I brought my tea and a book just in case. They were happy to get me in early though so I went back to the room and was told they wanted to dilate my eyes and do a full exam. Ok, whatever but do I HAVE to wear the stupid dark glasses afterward? Nope, not if I didn’t want to, the assistant said. Great! Dilate away! Eyes were checked and deemed healthy. The doctor came in and checked some other stuff and also said my eyes were healthy. He looked at my eyelid and asked if I wanted him to take care of it right then. Why yes that would be wonderful! He went off to gather the supplies and told the staff to find out if my insurance required pre-authorization. While they were investigating that he saw other patients so I sat for quite some time. Fortunately I had a book! Unfortunately it’s really difficult to read with dilated eyes!

No pre-auth was needed so we were good to go. He came in and told me how it was going to go. First an injection into my eyelid to numb the area. This, he said, would hurt the most. It would burn quite a lot. It did burn quite a lot but I have a very high pain tolerance so I sat there and took it like a woman! Yeah! He then put a clamp on my lid to hold it folded back. I couldn’t feel anything. He kept asking if I was doing ok and I so just wanted to ask him that right back but I didn’t. The whole thing took maybe five minutes.

He said it went well and he thought I would have a really good result but that my eye was going to be bruised and swollen at first and I would have bloody tears for a hour or so. Cool! He gave me some antibiotic ointment and sent me on my way. Wait, what? I’m supposed to just leave? And drive a vehicle? With dilated eyes, one of them crying blood? Well ok! So off I went. It would have been a pain in the ass to have Wayne and Andrew come and get me. Andrew would have had to stop working and then they would have to drive all the way out to where I was so I figured I’d see how it went.

I was way out at Glisan and 47th but Portland has about one million different ways to get anywhere so I took small streets all the way home. My distance vision was really not bad and I didn’t get in an accident so obviously it was totally fine. I dabbed at my eye whenever I was stopped and the bleeding eventually subsided. It hurt though and I couldn’t wait to be home! Once I got there I went and closed my eyes for about an hour and then there was no more pain. It was definitely bruised and swollen though and we had a book signing to go to.

Andrew loves the books by William Gibson and he was going to be at Powell’s speaking and signing his new book The Peripheral. I wasn’t about to drive at night in the rain though and Andrew hates driving so we talked Wayne into driving us with the promise of Los…..wait for it…..Gorditos for dinner.

We got to Powell’s about a half hour early but wow the room was already packed! We had to find a place off to the side to stand but Andrew was fine with that. He had a long day full of using his brain in overdrive so he was just happy to be there at all. The talk and questions were going on for quite some time though and Los Gorditos was going to close so Wayne and I walked over, had a wonderful dinner as always, got a burrito to go for Andrew, and walked back up to Powell’s. Andrew was just waiting to get his book signed so we sat and people watched. One lady walked up and seriously had about 30 books for him to sign! He didn’t seem to mind at all and just went through each one. She claimed her friends couldn’t make it so she was doing them a favor but I think Ebay!

Andrew and William Gibson

Andrew got his book signed and we headed home. It was raining lightly and the night was just beautiful. Another wonderful day in the best city.

Today I learned that > (head [length]) “Hello” first takes the length of the string “Hello” which is 5 and then returns the head of 5 which can only be 5. It’s a terrible example to use! But at least I get it now. Terrible example….

2014.10.28 – Au Revoir, Nomads!

Our friends woke to a warning sticker on their window. Seems they had been given 72 hours to move their bus. How nice of Portland to give them an extra three days! They had to hit the road today though and head to Eugene.

Once they were up and packed up we gave our hugs and kisses, made sure they had all they needed and off they went. It was great to see them and spend some time with them. Now we will return to following their adventures on their blog.

Lukas posted the internship opening at Urban Airship so resume writing consumed my day. I haven’t had to do one before so it was quite the struggle. I really don’t like it at all. I have no idea what to say about my employment gap or why I have really only had one job. Yes it was a 14 year career but still one job. I sent it off to Lukas as well as Hope Nielson, a senior recruiter at Mozilla for their review so maybe they will have some suggestions.

I was glad the day was winding up and that dinner night was ahead. I needed to be done with the resume stress! Jason had requested meatball subs and that sounded good to us! I headed to the kitchen to make some mozzarella to top them off while Wayne went to the store. Once he returned people started showing up. Carmen arrived first and brought the book 1491 for Natale to read since he had mentioned his interest in Columbus. I’m going to try and borrow it after he is done if she doesn’t need it right back.

Alice showed up and began helping in the kitchen so we went into the living room to socialize while dinner was being made. Tonight we had Carmen, Jason, Alice, Spencer, John, Randy, Roger, Barbara and the five of us. Dinner was excellent! Here is a picture Alice took of Wayne’s plate.

Meatball Subs


After dinner we watched the new Ok Go video which is pretty amazing (the song, not so much) and then several more of them and then this led to dogs shaking off water in slow motion which led to Roger filming Jason in slow motion shaking his head (Hilarious! But I promised not to share.) and then of course this led to silly cat videos because things always lead to silly cat videos.

Today I learned that Ok Go used this rad drone to film their latest video.

2014.10.27 – Je ne sais pas

It was so good to wake up in our bed! I love to travel but I really love that when we are done, Portland is where we return. I just can’t get over the fact that we live here. Anyway, it was a lazy morning. The sun was out and big, poofy clouds were blowing across the sky. I decided I really needed to clean off my old laptop and get it reinstalled so that’s pretty much what I did all day. It’s ridiculous how much stuff one can collect over the years. Once I got everything moved over to an external drive it was a really simple process to perform a clean install of Yosemite.

I had a French tutoring lesson for Rosetta Stone. I had gone through the lessons as I was supposed to but when it came time for the lesson it seems I had forgotten everything! I even forgot how to say “I don’t know” in French! Ugh, I am going to go back through everything, try it again, and hope to do better next time. I really want to learn to speak French but it’s proving difficult and everything is gendered. I am not going to give up though.

The kids came home from school and it was so good to see them. I gave them their souvenirs and lots of hugs. They filled me in on all of the things we missed while we were gone and then they were off to do homework. Andrew and Chris made and bottled some hot sauce in the afternoon so Chris could see how to do it and also take some.

Chris and Cherie were supposed to hit the road but ended up having a mechanical issue. Luckily Wayne was able to help fix it but they decided to stay another night. Wayne and Cherie made bean and rice burritos and Alice joined us for dinner since Jason had to go out of town overnight. After dinner Andrew made popcorn and the three of us headed over to Alice’s house to watch Battleship. Alice had seen it and said it was awful but that she would like to watch it again. It was really corny but we all enjoyed it anyway. She definitely made it sound worse than it was.

Today I learned that British English typically uses full stop and American English uses period to refer to the glyph at the end of a sentence.

2014.10.26 – Finding Food

Our last day in San Francisco was clear and cool. We all slept in a bit and then got dressed and headed out to find a late breakfast. Our flight wasn’t until 20:30 so we figured we would have a late lunch before that.

We headed to a tea house I found on Yelp. It was about half a mile from the hotel and the walk was really nice. I neglected to look at their prices though and decided against eating there when we saw it was about $24 per plate! We headed back the way we came and tried about four places looking for something vegan with no luck at all. We were like vegan zombies looking for graaaaaains. We finally found a place that claimed to have vegan options and they were open! We were so happy and then found out they only had oatmeal and barely two servings. Whatever! We were hungry so we took what they had and ate it while we walked back to Chinatown.

I wanted to get some tea for myself and some gifts for the kids. I went to Red Blossom Tea Company and tasted a couple of teas. I ended up buying a Golden Yunnan and a white tea. Andrew and I found a few things for the kids and then headed back to the hotel. We had late checkout so we hung around the hotel until we had to leave and then caught a bus to Source where we were going to meet our friend Spyral and have a late lunch. We waited about 45 minutes for him and then had to order so we could eat and get to the airport. The food was incredibly good! We had buffalo bites to start and I got a Gilroy burger. Andrew had a Koney Bow Wow and Wayne had a Cluck Avocado Club. They also had a ton of vegan desserts! We tried the vegan twinkie and some sort of almond creme thing that was really good. We also got a cashew chocolate pudding but were too full to try it. Spyral finally showed up looking tired and frazzled. He didn’t have a phone so was trying to find the address from memory and ended up going in the wrong direction. At least we got to see him for about an hour and he took all the food we couldn’t eat.

Gilroy Burger

Gilroy burger and fries

Vegan Twinkie

Vegan Twinkie and a delicious almond thing










We hopped on a bus to the BART station, caught our train and headed to the airport. Wayne somehow got TSA Pre-check so we handed him all the bags 🙂 That made things a lot faster for all of us. Our flight was fine and the stormy, rainy weather in Portland had blown through. Chris picked us up at the airport so we didn’t get home too late. It is wonderful to be home in Portland!

Today I learned that it’s nearly impossible to find vegan food on Sunday in the SF financial district.

2014.10.25 – Walk, Eat, Repeat

I slept really well even though we were in a strange hotel room. I awoke to the quiet knock at our door. Someone dropping off our scheduled tea and coffee. I peeked out the window and it seems it rained but there were only clouds blowing by now opening up large patches of blue sky.

We took our time getting up and ready and then headed for BART so we could try a breakfast place on Mission that claimed to have vegan French toast. By the time we got to 24th and Mission it was nearly lunch time and the streets were full of people. The restaurant we were headed to was Sun Rise Restaurant and it did not disappoint. I had the vegan French toast and a side of home fries. Andrew had the soyrizo plate and Wayne had the soyrizo breakfast burrito. It was all so good! Now that we were full we decided to just walk so we headed down Mission toward 16th where we cut west and walked all the way to Castro. We wandered up Castro, stopping to buy Wayne a shirt because he was not thinking it would be so hot this late in October.

Kale Yeah!

We continued walking up Castro and came across an open house. I’m totally into seeing inside these old homes so I dragged the guys inside. This house was a rarity for sure. The entire thing was for sale including the garage. It had a full one bedroom legal apartment downstairs, a decent back yard, two large bedrooms in the main part of the house, a huge master suite, a lovely kitchen and dining room. The ceilings were coved and had this beautiful plaster detailing I wish I had photographed. Anyway, it was available for the low, low price of 2.3 million. Thanks for letting us be nosy, realtor guy!

We continued on our walk up the giant hill! I made it without falling over and then it was back down the other side. We made it back down to 24th to an area I just love. Andrew and I had stayed on Castro very near here several years ago and spent several days walking around this neighborhood. We slowly walked down the familiar street although it was all new to Wayne. I wandered into a stained glass shop and we chatted with the owner for a while. I would love to have a piece to hang over our large dining room window but none of the pieces he had were things he had done himself so I wasn’t as interested.

We continued walking, making our way back to Mission so we could grab a late lunch at La Taqueria. We had heard that they have excellent burritos and there was quite the line so maybe it was true. Their sign claims they have the best burritos and tacos “in the whole world.” That is quite the claim! We stood in the long line and it went a lot faster than it seemed it would. Soon we had our burritos and they were pretty darned good. I wouldn’t say it was the best one I have ever had but it was up there. The guys loved theirs as well.

2014-10-25 16.08.182014-10-25 16.08.45







We were so full but Andrew remembered Mission Pie! We couldn’t pass up Mission Pie and it was just a few steps away. Today they had vegan apple cranberry. We got two slices to share and it was perfect. They also had their amazing Shaker Lemon pie but sadly it is not vegan. Andrew and I had tried it years ago when I was vegetarian and I have tried a few times to recreate a vegan version with little success.

2014-10-25 16.36.512014-10-25 16.37.06







We were beyond stuffed now and my feet were done so we headed to BART and took a ride back to Montgomery and our nearby hotel. Andrew and I took a lovely but short nap and then we sat around not doing much of anything.

It was 20:00 before we knew it so once again we started talking about what we should do for dinner and the evening. Andrew suggested we go see Citizen 4, the Edward Snowden documentary but it didn’t start until 22:00 so I would probably not be able to stay awake. We instead decided to have a late dinner at Pena Pachemama, a little vegan Bolivian restaurant a half mile away. Andrew made a reservation for 21:15 and we headed over.

It was still really beautiful out and the night was full of people walking around or patio dining. We found the restaurant and when we went inside there was a live band playing. The place was wonderful! We had the most interesting and delicious food with flavors both new and familiar. We ordered a few small plates and two dinners. I had a horchata which was the best I’ve ever had and Andrew had a margarita. We were first served a pear, pecan, avocado salad, pan fried yuca frita with cashew cream and a plate of butternut squash and caramelized onions. Yum! For dinner we had the Spicy Chef’s Plate and the Vegan Saice. I’m not exactly sure what was in these, lots of veggies, rice, and sauce. Delicious!

2014-10-25 22.30.08

We sat and listened to the band play until about 23:00 and then headed back to our hotel. What a nice day!

Today I learned that Venus Callipyge is the goddess of cute butts.

2014.10.24 – I Left My Heart in Portland

We were up at 05:00 for our 07:00 flight to San Francisco. Andrew earns free hotel nights thanks to the travel we do twice per year for his job. We had two free nights at an Omni hotel and the closest one is in San Francisco. We also earn frequent flyer miles with Virgin America so we used all of that to take advantage of a very cheap weekend away for the three of us.

I tried to read Red Mars on the plane but I fell asleep instead. That made a really short flight even shorter so that was good. We took BART into the city and it took us just three short blocks from the hotel. Our room wasn’t quite ready so we checked our bags and left to wander around. Apparently the World Series is going on. I don’t follow sports ball so who knew? Many SF Giants fans everywhere! We barely got a few blocks away when the hotel sent us a text that our room was ready but we were in no rush so kept walking toward the Embarcadero. We sat by the water for a while.

2014-10-24 11.30.51We decided to head for Blue Bottle Coffee and give it a try. I am not a huge coffee fan but their soy mocha was pretty delicious. We found Pepples Donuts and got a nice variety. Blueberry, Mexican Chocolate, Pumpkin Pie, Salted Caramel, Whiskey Orange, and Earl Grey Bergamot Orange Cream. They are a vegan cake doughnut which isn’t my favorite. They weren’t bad but not good enough to venture back.

We meandered back to the hotel, grabbed our bags and went up to our room. We absolutely love the Omni William Penn Hotel in Pittsburgh. It’s become a home away from home and it’s a beautiful hotel. The Omni San Francisco Hotel is no exception. When we walked in the lobby we knew right away we were in an Omni. So beautiful and the service is wonderful. Our room was beautifully decorated, large and had a nice view of the city.

Andrew and I ended up taking a bit of a nap and then the three of us went out walking. We wandered through Chinatown.

2014-10-24 17.02.02

And then took a walk through Little Italy past St. Peter and Paul Church.

2014-10-24 17.34.14

Up a semi-giant hill to the Coit Tower gaining a ton of potential energy in the process.

2014-10-24 17.41.45

The views were spectacular!

2014-10-24 17.45.37

2014-10-24 17.57.57

We headed back down the giant hill taking a different route back toward the hotel and dinner. We were hoping to eat at a vegan Chinese place Andrew and I had tried several years ago but it has either closed or moved. We couldn’t quite figure it out. We found a different place and had a so so dinner. It wasn’t awful but it wasn’t great either. We still ate plenty though. It was early but Andrew was pretty tired so we headed back to the hotel. He went to bed and I had a doughnut and did some reading. Wayne had a glass of wine and relaxed. It feels nice to do whatever we want!

I used to often wish I could afford to live in San Francisco. I would look at housing prices and try to figure out how we could manage to squeeze five of us into a tiny place that was something we could afford. But now as much fun as San Francisco is to visit, we have been constantly reminded of how much Portland is home. It’s the perfect city for us.

Today I learned that the Coit Tower’s namesake was quite the character.

2014.10.23 – Burrito Tunnel

I awoke to a lot less rain than yesterday. It was cold in the house so I wandered downstairs for my tea, bundled up under my blanket on the couch and checked my email. I love the quiet mornings. Andrew was already on the Max on his way downtown and Wayne was still sleeping.

I worked a bit on my Haskell course and then got a message from Peter that I should squash all of my commits into one large one. I had been careful to separate them based on the areas of code that I touched so there would be decent records. Oh well, everyone has their way of doing things and it will be a lot faster in the future! Once I got that done and submitted it all got merged in. I asked for another bug of course and he gave me a list of five to choose from. I looked them over and then headed for the shower.

The bathroom was a mess so I spent a good amount of time cleaning it. I hate cleaning but it was nice to have it done. Once that was all done I waited for Chris and Cherie to come in so we could head downtown for lunch.

The walk to the Max was slightly rainy but not bad at all. About the time our train was coming Andrew messaged to say he was on his own for lunch and could meet us. Great timing! I told him we were on our way and would see him soon at his office. We went upstairs so Chris and Cherie could see the co-working space and we could get Andrew and then we all walked up to Los Gorditos. I can’t stop eating there! The rain had stopped by then so it was a nice walk. The restaurant was really busy but we found a table. Our food showed up and it was just as wonderful as it was on Monday 🙂

Once we were sufficiently stuffed, we walked over to the Apple store so Cherie could look at the new 5K monitor. It was ridiculously expensive and she didn’t think it was worth giving up her mini. I agree! The mini is pretty conveniently sized for taking places.

Andrew needed to get back to work at home so we all walked to the Max. Chris mentioned that there was a solar eclipse happening for the next several hours and hoped we could get some sunshine. Sure enough the clouds parted and stayed that way through the remainder of the eclipse.

I took a closer look at the bug list Peter had sent earlier and found one that was ridiculously easy so I quickly fixed it and submitted it. He was leaving for the day though and said he’d look at it tomorrow. It simply had to change a Cron job from notifying every minute to every hour. I wonder why some of these things are bugs.

Alice had harvested and plucked a paper grocery bag full of purple basil. It’s my favorite kind of basil. It’s very hearty and smoky and I love eating it fresh off the plant. Anyway, I had a ton of pesto to make before the leaves went bad. Alice came over and helped get stuff going and then I took over. It’s so easy to make. Basil, toasted pine nuts, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper. Simple! We decided to just have pesto pasta for dinner since I was already making so much so I quickly sauteed some yellow squash, cauliflower, broccoli, onion and garlic to go with it and we still had sourdough bread I had baked the other day. It was a quick and delicious meal.

We didn’t stay up too late after dinner because Wayne, Andrew, and I had a very early flight to San Francisco in the morning. Chris said we had to get burritos from a couple of places while we were in the city which brought up an interesting conversation about transporting burritos. We said our goodnights and goodbyes since Chris and Cherie might be gone before we return home Sunday. The three of us packed and headed straight to bed.

Today I learned about the silliness of the Alameda Weehawken Burrito Tunnel.

2014.10.22 – Another Bug Fixed

It was pouring rain when I woke up and continued to do so all day long. California could probably use this more than Oregon but it’s been a while since we got completely dumped on. It seemed like a great day to stay inside and learn some Haskell.

Peter got back to me pretty early about my pull request and had just some small changes for me to make so I did those and submitted it again. He seemed pretty busy so I wasn’t surprised not to hear anything more once I did that. No problem, I had Haskell to work on. I have enrolled in the EdX course FP101x Introduction to Functional Programming. I find functional programming very interesting and since I have a Safari Books membership thanks to Mozilla I don’t have to buy the suggested text book, Programming in Haskell.

I downloaded and installed everything I needed and watched the lecture videos, read the chapters assigned and then opened the homework. Apparently I need to read everything over again because it was not sinking in quite yet!

I set that aside when my new headset showed up. I purchased it so that I could work through the Rosetta Stone French course thanks again to Mozilla. I got the headset all configured and spent about an hour on the training. I can’t really tell if I am learning anything but it’s fun anyway. While I was doing this Wayne was plastering our TV wall. It is looking great!

I keep tmux IRC session running in Irssi on a remote server and connect via SSH. I was kind of annoyed to have to keep checking the window for messages though. I do have IrssiNotifier set up on my phone but it doesn’t always get the notifications to me in a timely manner so I went looking for a solution I could implement on my laptop. I found just the thing I was looking for. It was a pretty easy set up and now I get a little notification popup when someone uses my nick. Perfect!

I went back to reading about and messing with Haskell until dinner was ready. Cherie made us all a really delicious yellow curry and rice. We had a nice dinner with them and shortly after we finished, Alice and Jason stopped by to pick up Ladybug. We talked to them for a while and then they headed home. Chris mentioned something about Weird Al so we spent the evening watching his new music videos.

Today I learned about lidar.

2014.10.21 – Nomad Port

Today a storm is blowing in. So far it’s just cloudy and cooler but we are supposed to get quite the storm by midnight and into Wednesday. I have a very early appointment with a doctor in SE Portland so I am up and dressed. I leave a bit earlier than I need to but once I get to the major streets I am glad I did. The traffic slows me and I arrive just in time. The office visit is quick and simple. I just need a referral to an ophthalmologist.

I’m going to hang out with my friend Shanna today so I head home and pick some stuff from the garden. She is going to make us breakfast and I am providing some of the ingredients. I pick kale, basil, tomatoes, peppers, and squash. I head over and let myself in. Her house is immaculate as always. I’d love my house to be that way but my messiness along with a house always full of people and constantly under construction doesn’t lend well to an immaculate house.

Shanna made us an amazing breakfast of sauteed kale and veggies, grilled tofu and wheat bread with aioli spread, basil and tomato. I could eat that every day! I was pleasantly stuff but she also had berry cobbler. I couldn’t turn that down. We sat and talked about life and coding, about the upcoming Ladies Rock Camp where she will be instructing and I will be a student. This year it will be a drum retreat. Twenty-eight campers and twenty-eight drum kits. I can’t wait!

I headed home because our friends Chris and Cherie would be arriving in their bus at any moment. They are nomadic so travel all over the US to wherever they feel like being. They just finished up a month of hosting the Cape Blanco Lighthouse. We were lucky enough to be able to visit them last year when they hosted the same lighthouse. It’s such an amazing and beautiful place.

I was working on my bug when I heard their bus pull up. Wayne had put cones out to save the parking in front of our house for them so I headed out to move them. Our neighbor, Glenn beat me to it and had the cones all moved. I love our neighbors! They are so welcoming to everyone. They got all situated, we gave hugs and welcomes and they both happily noticed we had hung our Nomad Port sign out front. They had the sign made for us last year as a housewarming present. It is one of the most, unique and fitting gifts we have ever received.

Nomad Port

The symbols are hobo signs. They provide information, directions and warnings about various things. I’ll leave it up to you to figure out what our sign says 🙂

We visited for a while before they gathered up some packages that had arrived here for them and went to their bus. I got back to working on my bug. I changed the code and fixed up the tests so everything was passing. I still had to gut the AngularJS code and dig into the CSS though. I’m not terribly familiar with AngularJS so spent some time commenting stuff out and then testing to see what it would break. This was fairly effective and I was pretty sure I had it the way it needed to be.

It was time to get my bread rising though so the bug would once again have to wait. I headed to the kitchen and got my dough all happy, oiled and set in the warm oven to rise. The children were home from school so we talked about their day and then they got busy with homework and chores.

It was dinner night so people began to show up. I got my bread baking and Wayne started on the not-chicken noodle soup. It was the perfect meal for the rainy weather. Alice soon showed up and began making the salad. Andrew made a fire mostly for Jason but we all loved it. Tonight we had a wonderful group. The five of us, Alice, Jason, Glenn, Chris, Cherie, Carmen, Spencer, John, Delaney, Nan (Delaney’s mom visiting from Arizona), Taylor and Roger. Dinner was so good! Wayne got everyone’s attention and with teary eyes told us all how happy it made him to have so many wonderful people gathered in our home. It was so sweet!

Today I learned about punk houses.