2014.10.28 – Au Revoir, Nomads!

Our friends woke to a warning sticker on their window. Seems they had been given 72 hours to move their bus. How nice of Portland to give them an extra three days! They had to hit the road today though and head to Eugene.

Once they were up and packed up we gave our hugs and kisses, made sure they had all they needed and off they went. It was great to see them and spend some time with them. Now we will return to following their adventures on their blog.

Lukas posted the internship opening at Urban Airship so resume writing consumed my day. I haven’t had to do one before so it was quite the struggle. I really don’t like it at all. I have no idea what to say about my employment gap or why I have really only had one job. Yes it was a 14 year career but still one job. I sent it off to Lukas as well as Hope Nielson, a senior recruiter at Mozilla for their review so maybe they will have some suggestions.

I was glad the day was winding up and that dinner night was ahead. I needed to be done with the resume stress! Jason had requested meatball subs and that sounded good to us! I headed to the kitchen to make some mozzarella to top them off while Wayne went to the store. Once he returned people started showing up. Carmen arrived first and brought the book 1491 for Natale to read since he had mentioned his interest in Columbus. I’m going to try and borrow it after he is done if she doesn’t need it right back.

Alice showed up and began helping in the kitchen so we went into the living room to socialize while dinner was being made. Tonight we had Carmen, Jason, Alice, Spencer, John, Randy, Roger, Barbara and the five of us. Dinner was excellent! Here is a picture Alice took of Wayne’s plate.

Meatball Subs


After dinner we watched the new Ok Go video which is pretty amazing (the song, not so much) and then several more of them and then this led to dogs shaking off water in slow motion which led to Roger filming Jason in slow motion shaking his head (Hilarious! But I promised not to share.) and then of course this led to silly cat videos because things always lead to silly cat videos.

Today I learned that Ok Go used this rad drone to film their latest video.