2014.10.21 – Nomad Port

Today a storm is blowing in. So far it’s just cloudy and cooler but we are supposed to get quite the storm by midnight and into Wednesday. I have a very early appointment with a doctor in SE Portland so I am up and dressed. I leave a bit earlier than I need to but once I get to the major streets I am glad I did. The traffic slows me and I arrive just in time. The office visit is quick and simple. I just need a referral to an ophthalmologist.

I’m going to hang out with my friend Shanna today so I head home and pick some stuff from the garden. She is going to make us breakfast and I am providing some of the ingredients. I pick kale, basil, tomatoes, peppers, and squash. I head over and let myself in. Her house is immaculate as always. I’d love my house to be that way but my messiness along with a house always full of people and constantly under construction doesn’t lend well to an immaculate house.

Shanna made us an amazing breakfast of sauteed kale and veggies, grilled tofu and wheat bread with aioli spread, basil and tomato. I could eat that every day! I was pleasantly stuff but she also had berry cobbler. I couldn’t turn that down. We sat and talked about life and coding, about the upcoming Ladies Rock Camp where she will be instructing and I will be a student. This year it will be a drum retreat. Twenty-eight campers and twenty-eight drum kits. I can’t wait!

I headed home because our friends Chris and Cherie would be arriving in their bus at any moment. They are nomadic so travel all over the US to wherever they feel like being. They just finished up a month of hosting the Cape Blanco Lighthouse. We were lucky enough to be able to visit them last year when they hosted the same lighthouse. It’s such an amazing and beautiful place.

I was working on my bug when I heard their bus pull up. Wayne had put cones out to save the parking in front of our house for them so I headed out to move them. Our neighbor, Glenn beat me to it and had the cones all moved. I love our neighbors! They are so welcoming to everyone. They got all situated, we gave hugs and welcomes and they both happily noticed we had hung our Nomad Port sign out front. They had the sign made for us last year as a housewarming present. It is one of the most, unique and fitting gifts we have ever received.

Nomad Port

The symbols are hobo signs. They provide information, directions and warnings about various things. I’ll leave it up to you to figure out what our sign says 🙂

We visited for a while before they gathered up some packages that had arrived here for them and went to their bus. I got back to working on my bug. I changed the code and fixed up the tests so everything was passing. I still had to gut the AngularJS code and dig into the CSS though. I’m not terribly familiar with AngularJS so spent some time commenting stuff out and then testing to see what it would break. This was fairly effective and I was pretty sure I had it the way it needed to be.

It was time to get my bread rising though so the bug would once again have to wait. I headed to the kitchen and got my dough all happy, oiled and set in the warm oven to rise. The children were home from school so we talked about their day and then they got busy with homework and chores.

It was dinner night so people began to show up. I got my bread baking and Wayne started on the not-chicken noodle soup. It was the perfect meal for the rainy weather. Alice soon showed up and began making the salad. Andrew made a fire mostly for Jason but we all loved it. Tonight we had a wonderful group. The five of us, Alice, Jason, Glenn, Chris, Cherie, Carmen, Spencer, John, Delaney, Nan (Delaney’s mom visiting from Arizona), Taylor and Roger. Dinner was so good! Wayne got everyone’s attention and with teary eyes told us all how happy it made him to have so many wonderful people gathered in our home. It was so sweet!

Today I learned about punk houses.