2014.10.22 – Another Bug Fixed

It was pouring rain when I woke up and continued to do so all day long. California could probably use this more than Oregon but it’s been a while since we got completely dumped on. It seemed like a great day to stay inside and learn some Haskell.

Peter got back to me pretty early about my pull request and had just some small changes for me to make so I did those and submitted it again. He seemed pretty busy so I wasn’t surprised not to hear anything more once I did that. No problem, I had Haskell to work on. I have enrolled in the EdX course FP101x Introduction to Functional Programming. I find functional programming very interesting and since I have a Safari Books membership thanks to Mozilla I don’t have to buy the suggested text book, Programming in Haskell.

I downloaded and installed everything I needed and watched the lecture videos, read the chapters assigned and then opened the homework. Apparently I need to read everything over again because it was not sinking in quite yet!

I set that aside when my new headset showed up. I purchased it so that I could work through the Rosetta Stone French course thanks again to Mozilla. I got the headset all configured and spent about an hour on the training. I can’t really tell if I am learning anything but it’s fun anyway. While I was doing this Wayne was plastering our TV wall. It is looking great!

I keep tmux IRC session running in Irssi on a remote server and connect via SSH. I was kind of annoyed to have to keep checking the window for messages though. I do have IrssiNotifier set up on my phone but it doesn’t always get the notifications to me in a timely manner so I went looking for a solution I could implement on my laptop. I found just the thing I was looking for. It was a pretty easy set up and now I get a little notification popup when someone uses my nick. Perfect!

I went back to reading about and messing with Haskell until dinner was ready. Cherie made us all a really delicious yellow curry and rice. We had a nice dinner with them and shortly after we finished, Alice and Jason stopped by to pick up Ladybug. We talked to them for a while and then they headed home. Chris mentioned something about Weird Al so we spent the evening watching his new music videos.

Today I learned about lidar.