2014.10.27 – Je ne sais pas

It was so good to wake up in our bed! I love to travel but I really love that when we are done, Portland is where we return. I just can’t get over the fact that we live here. Anyway, it was a lazy morning. The sun was out and big, poofy clouds were blowing across the sky. I decided I really needed to clean off my old laptop and get it reinstalled so that’s pretty much what I did all day. It’s ridiculous how much stuff one can collect over the years. Once I got everything moved over to an external drive it was a really simple process to perform a clean install of Yosemite.

I had a French tutoring lesson for Rosetta Stone. I had gone through the lessons as I was supposed to but when it came time for the lesson it seems I had forgotten everything! I even forgot how to say “I don’t know” in French! Ugh, I am going to go back through everything, try it again, and hope to do better next time. I really want to learn to speak French but it’s proving difficult and everything is gendered. I am not going to give up though.

The kids came home from school and it was so good to see them. I gave them their souvenirs and lots of hugs. They filled me in on all of the things we missed while we were gone and then they were off to do homework. Andrew and Chris made and bottled some hot sauce in the afternoon so Chris could see how to do it and also take some.

Chris and Cherie were supposed to hit the road but ended up having a mechanical issue. Luckily Wayne was able to help fix it but they decided to stay another night. Wayne and Cherie made bean and rice burritos and Alice joined us for dinner since Jason had to go out of town overnight. After dinner Andrew made popcorn and the three of us headed over to Alice’s house to watch Battleship. Alice had seen it and said it was awful but that she would like to watch it again. It was really corny but we all enjoyed it anyway. She definitely made it sound worse than it was.

Today I learned that British English typically uses full stop and American English uses period to refer to the glyph at the end of a sentence.