2014.10.26 – Finding Food

Our last day in San Francisco was clear and cool. We all slept in a bit and then got dressed and headed out to find a late breakfast. Our flight wasn’t until 20:30 so we figured we would have a late lunch before that.

We headed to a tea house I found on Yelp. It was about half a mile from the hotel and the walk was really nice. I neglected to look at their prices though and decided against eating there when we saw it was about $24 per plate! We headed back the way we came and tried about four places looking for something vegan with no luck at all. We were like vegan zombies looking for graaaaaains. We finally found a place that claimed to have vegan options and they were open! We were so happy and then found out they only had oatmeal and barely two servings. Whatever! We were hungry so we took what they had and ate it while we walked back to Chinatown.

I wanted to get some tea for myself and some gifts for the kids. I went to Red Blossom Tea Company and tasted a couple of teas. I ended up buying a Golden Yunnan and a white tea. Andrew and I found a few things for the kids and then headed back to the hotel. We had late checkout so we hung around the hotel until we had to leave and then caught a bus to Source where we were going to meet our friend Spyral and have a late lunch. We waited about 45 minutes for him and then had to order so we could eat and get to the airport. The food was incredibly good! We had buffalo bites to start and I got a Gilroy burger. Andrew had a Koney Bow Wow and Wayne had a Cluck Avocado Club. They also had a ton of vegan desserts! We tried the vegan twinkie and some sort of almond creme thing that was really good. We also got a cashew chocolate pudding but were too full to try it. Spyral finally showed up looking tired and frazzled. He didn’t have a phone so was trying to find the address from memory and ended up going in the wrong direction. At least we got to see him for about an hour and he took all the food we couldn’t eat.

Gilroy Burger

Gilroy burger and fries

Vegan Twinkie

Vegan Twinkie and a delicious almond thing










We hopped on a bus to the BART station, caught our train and headed to the airport. Wayne somehow got TSA Pre-check so we handed him all the bags 🙂 That made things a lot faster for all of us. Our flight was fine and the stormy, rainy weather in Portland had blown through. Chris picked us up at the airport so we didn’t get home too late. It is wonderful to be home in Portland!

Today I learned that it’s nearly impossible to find vegan food on Sunday in the SF financial district.