2014.10.23 – Burrito Tunnel

I awoke to a lot less rain than yesterday. It was cold in the house so I wandered downstairs for my tea, bundled up under my blanket on the couch and checked my email. I love the quiet mornings. Andrew was already on the Max on his way downtown and Wayne was still sleeping.

I worked a bit on my Haskell course and then got a message from Peter that I should squash all of my commits into one large one. I had been careful to separate them based on the areas of code that I touched so there would be decent records. Oh well, everyone has their way of doing things and it will be a lot faster in the future! Once I got that done and submitted it all got merged in. I asked for another bug of course and he gave me a list of five to choose from. I looked them over and then headed for the shower.

The bathroom was a mess so I spent a good amount of time cleaning it. I hate cleaning but it was nice to have it done. Once that was all done I waited for Chris and Cherie to come in so we could head downtown for lunch.

The walk to the Max was slightly rainy but not bad at all. About the time our train was coming Andrew messaged to say he was on his own for lunch and could meet us. Great timing! I told him we were on our way and would see him soon at his office. We went upstairs so Chris and Cherie could see the co-working space and we could get Andrew and then we all walked up to Los Gorditos. I can’t stop eating there! The rain had stopped by then so it was a nice walk. The restaurant was really busy but we found a table. Our food showed up and it was just as wonderful as it was on Monday 🙂

Once we were sufficiently stuffed, we walked over to the Apple store so Cherie could look at the new 5K monitor. It was ridiculously expensive and she didn’t think it was worth giving up her mini. I agree! The mini is pretty conveniently sized for taking places.

Andrew needed to get back to work at home so we all walked to the Max. Chris mentioned that there was a solar eclipse happening for the next several hours and hoped we could get some sunshine. Sure enough the clouds parted and stayed that way through the remainder of the eclipse.

I took a closer look at the bug list Peter had sent earlier and found one that was ridiculously easy so I quickly fixed it and submitted it. He was leaving for the day though and said he’d look at it tomorrow. It simply had to change a Cron job from notifying every minute to every hour. I wonder why some of these things are bugs.

Alice had harvested and plucked a paper grocery bag full of purple basil. It’s my favorite kind of basil. It’s very hearty and smoky and I love eating it fresh off the plant. Anyway, I had a ton of pesto to make before the leaves went bad. Alice came over and helped get stuff going and then I took over. It’s so easy to make. Basil, toasted pine nuts, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper. Simple! We decided to just have pesto pasta for dinner since I was already making so much so I quickly sauteed some yellow squash, cauliflower, broccoli, onion and garlic to go with it and we still had sourdough bread I had baked the other day. It was a quick and delicious meal.

We didn’t stay up too late after dinner because Wayne, Andrew, and I had a very early flight to San Francisco in the morning. Chris said we had to get burritos from a couple of places while we were in the city which brought up an interesting conversation about transporting burritos. We said our goodnights and goodbyes since Chris and Cherie might be gone before we return home Sunday. The three of us packed and headed straight to bed.

Today I learned about the silliness of the Alameda Weehawken Burrito Tunnel.