2014.10.20 – Back to Reality

Today I woke up late and this alone reminds me that it’s really over. I’m not in a rush to get up and dressed so I stay in my pj’s as long as possible. Usually I would love this but today it makes me sad. I think of our co-leaders and my classmates and wonder what their new morning routine is. I wonder how they are feeling. I miss them!

I decide that I should clean my desk and make it a place to work. Months of neglect have left it piled high with papers that need to be filed and books I intend to read “someday”. I start to work through the mess and find the stickers I have been saving to put on my new laptop. I set them aside again. It’s not time. I sit at my desk and look out the window. The clouds moving quickly by, parting here and there to let in huge swaths of sunlight. The beauty of it all makes me teary once again. I can hardly believe this is my wonderful life.

I take a deep breath and get back to work. I take care of a couple of nagging tasks that weren’t as important as focusing on Ascend and if feels good to have them out of the way. I can finally see the surface of my desk. That’s enough for one day. I am meeting a friend for lunch. I haven’t seen him in quite some time so I’m looking forward to it and to lunch. We are meeting at Los Gorditos!

I shower and dress, happy to see that Wayne has washed my favorite shirt. I just wore it but I don’t care and put it on again. He jokingly complains that he just hung it up. He’s so good to me. To our whole family. I have some time before I have to go so I check my email and see that Peter has written back about my pull requests. He has a few changes he would like me to make. I think I have time so I grab my laptop and try to quickly fix things up. Past experience has proven that rushing is never a good idea and this time is no exception.

I accidentally commit two files together that should have been separate commits and of course push those up to my repo. Well now what?! I ask Andrew how I might undo that hoping he has a quick answer for me. He says, “Don’t do that.” and then tells me how I should undo it. I try what he says which is to rename the file I didn’t mean to commit, git rm the file I didn’t mean to commit, git commit –amend, rename the file, make a separate commit for it, git push -f to overwrite the remote repo. This doesn’t work. Git won’t allow me to rm the file since it doesn’t exist anymore. This makes sense to me but does not make sense to Andrew. I quickly search how else I might fix this since Andrew is working and I have bothered him enough. I see that git reset –soft HEAD^ would get me back to before I made the commit. I did that, unstaged the files, committed one at a time and force pushed to my remote. Whew! But now I was too late to take the Max downtown.

Wayne was nice enough to drive me downtown. I met Christopher and we had a really nice lunch. It wasn’t long before his work was calling him though needing him to hurry back and take care of some task. We said our goodbyes and I considered stopping by to say hello to Katt since I was right around the corner but I figured that might be a bad idea. The office was really looking forward to a bit of a break from the six weeks of us all being there so I took a slow walk to the Max enjoying this path that has become so familiar to me.

It was a beautiful day, raining off and on, clouds parting and warm sunshine enhancing the tree’s fall wardrobe. I can’t get over how beautiful it is here. I chat with a man on the Max who explains, as we look at the Morrison Bridge drawn open for a ship, the various histories of our Portland draw bridges. This unexpected conversation makes me happy to be on this particular train, headed home.

I get home and find that Peter has merged in my changes! Two bugs done for Air Mozilla. Of course I ask for another. Peter mentions he has just the bug for me but I’d need to wait a few minutes while he files it. I’m excited for my next challenge!  He gives me bug 1085660 and I get to work right away reading it over. I’ve learned not to be intimidated by phrasing that sounds confusing and to just take things one small bit at a time.

The rest of my day flows along as I work on the bug, get some sourdough started for dinner tomorrow, do a few things around the house, and work on transferring files off of my old laptop. Alice comes by to pick up Ladybug and invites us to come watch a movie after we eat. Jason is out of town overnight so we can pick a movie he would not want to watch.

We eat delicious burritos. Wayne makes the best refried beans and Andrew’s hot sauces are amazing. I try not to eat too much though because we also get popcorn! Andrew makes a big bowl of popcorn and we head over to Alice’s. We decide to watch Battle: Los Angeles and it was really good. Not a lot of story line but a ton of action to make up for it. I stayed awake for the whole thing so that was good.

Today I learned how to fix my own Git issue and not completely panic.

2014.10.19 – Sunday Celebration

Today is Wayne’s birthday! We started the day by letting him sleep in 🙂 The rest of the day was lazy as well. I didn’t really do much of anything myself. He didn’t want a special breakfast and he went for a run with our neighbor, Roger, at lunch time.

His run was his first in quite some time. Wayne is an avid runner but hurt his knee during the heavy lifting portion of our move to Portland. He tried to take it easy and rest his knee but each time he would go for a small run it would bother him again. He however decided that today was the day to try running again so off they went. They were gone for quite some time and ended up running close to 6 miles. He wasn’t thrilled with his pace of 10 minutes but was extremely happy that the run felt good.

I spent some time chatting with a person in the airmozilla-dev IRC channel who is also applying for the Air Mozilla OPW internship. They were having Git issues. I guess more specifically Github issues. It seems they only use Github for doing all of their changes, commits and pull requests. That sounds like a huge pain in the ass and apparently it is because they were having a lot of trouble. They wanted to have two separate pull requests but didn’t understand how to branch properly to achieve that. Github will just keep stacking commits into any open PR so you either have to wait for your PR to be merged or make separate branches. Their issues was that they branched, committed, made a PR and then branched off of their branch instead of branching off of master. Yeah that won’t work. Explaining it was not as easy as I thought though. I did my best but we’ll see if they get anywhere tomorrow when the mentor is back to work.

Natale was baking banana bread for Wayne and Wayne decided that he’d like to go to the Thai restaurant around the corner for his birthday dinner. Andrew and I had to run Natale to the store to get some pants so I messaged Alice and invited her and Jason, I called and invited Spencer and John as well. It ended up being the perfect group. We had the five of us, Taylor, Delaney, Jayde’s friend Estelle, Spencer, John, Alice and Jason. Dinner was fantastic and we all had a really nice time. We all walked back to the house where we sliced up some banana bread, stuck a candle in a slice and sang Wayne Happy Birthday. We all forced ourselves to eat more food even though we were stuffed!

Happy birthday, Wayne! I completely adore you 🙂

Today I learned that we can have warm summer-like weather late into October! A perfect day.

2014.10.18 – Testing, Testing

It’s Saturday and I had no plans! It seems like that rarely happens so I took full advantage of this by sleeping in until nearly 8:00 and then doing a lot of nothing all day. I still had a test to write for my bug fix so I poked around trying to figure out how things work. I kept confusing myself by reading the same code over and over. Luckily Alena messaged and asked if she could come over with the little ones and hang out today. Yes! I hadn’t seen them in too long!

Once Alena and the kids got here we did little else but play, eat, make pesto, and watch a movie. Tiberias is three and full of Why’s. His sister Rialla is almost two and looks up to her big brother so naturally she is also full of Why’s. I’m not sure she knows why though 🙂 Baby Anya is getting so big! She’s moving all around and seems happy that she can get places by herself. I had a huge bag of basil that needed to be turned into pesto so Tiberias, Rialla and I got busy in the kitchen stripping off the leaves. They were so interested in helping and it really did make things go faster. We moved to the food processor and they both remained my side kicks even though they were sure it was going to be LOUD. Luckily it’s not loud at all and this made them pretty happy. We added our ingredients and would taste and adjust. Tiberias said, “It needs more salt.” So we added a bit more then tasted again. He still thought it needed more salt but it tasted good to me! They both loved the pesto and probably would have eaten a large portion of it had I let them.

It was getting late in the day and they needed to get home for dinner. We were going to have dinner with Alice and Jason and then watch a movie in their basement theater. I walked everyone out to the truck but first we found a few nice strawberries they could eat. Off they went until next time!

Once I was back inside I headed right back to this test I needed to write. I finally asked Andrew if he would help me out since I was kind of struggling. He sat with me and started asking me questions about what I had to do, what I had figured out and what I had tried. He then explained where I was going wrong and explained how the test should work. He gave me the general steps I would need to take and sat with me as I tried to complete each one. He would help me when I would ask. Watching the test come together was like magic. He’s done it so many times that this all makes sense to him but it’s all very new to me so I learned a LOT today. I got the test written and passing and then wrote an additional test since it was very simple to copy my test, make some changes and reuse it.

I was testing a change I made to the Air Mozilla iCal feed. The staff was wanting the iCal feed to show a start time 30 minutes prior to the scheduled event time so that staff has time for AV setup. I made the code change to adjust the iCal feed but Peter, the mentor, wanted a test to prove that all is well. The way I ended up writing the test, with a lot of help from Andrew, was as follows:

def test_calendar_dtstart(self):
# Get the test event created during setup
    event = Event.objects.get(title='Test event')
# Set var = the event time adjusted 30min earlier
# Print the data to see how dtstart is formatted
# then delete print statement.
    dtstart = event.start_time - datetime.timedelta(minutes=30)
# Format var the same as the data in iCal feed
    dtstart = dtstart.strftime("DTSTART:%Y%m%dT%H%M%SZ")
# Set the url to the public feed
    url = self._calendar_url('public')
# Retrieve the public feed
    response_public = self.client.get(url)
# Compare var is equal to start time in public feed
    ok_(dtstart in response_public.content)
# Set url to the private feed
    url = self._calendar_url('company')
# Retrieve the private feed
    response_private = self.client.get(url)
# Compare var is equal to start time in private feed
    ok_(dtstart in response_private.content)

My code comments are just for explanation here and aren’t part of the test I submitted. We’ll see if the mentor is happy with the way this was done but if not, I at least kind of know what I am doing now.

Alice had finished dinner about the time I was done. It was delicious! We had pasta with my pesto sauce (it needed more salt!) salad, rosemary potato bread and veggies from the garden in some sort of yummy tomato based sauce. It was really good but I tried not to eat a ton since we were going to be having popcorn with our movie soon.

Andrew made a bunch of popcorn and we headed over to their house. Jason had just finished the platform for stadium seating. The three of us took the couch in the back and got all settled in to watch the new Transformers movie. They have such a sweet setup. It was perfect. I don’t want to watch a movie anywhere else! The movie itself was pretty bad though. It was really long too. Long enough that I had time to sleep in the middle and not really miss anything.

Today I learned how to write a unit test from scratch.

2014.10.17 – The Final Day of Ascend

I awoke to rain. I love it but it’s picture day at Ascend so I was a little worried. My hair is curly and loves to poof up in the rain and humidity. I was much lighter today knowing I didn’t have to present but still feeling sympathy for those who did. I got dressed and headed to the Max early with Andrew. I decided to treat myself to a Spella chai so I kissed Andrew goodbye and took the train a few stops further. Once I had my drink in hand I walked my way to the Mozilla offices. It didn’t rain at all! Thank you, sky.

I got there at my usual time even with my detour and longer walk. Lukas was there so got the computers out early. I was really glad because I had the code change I wanted to make for my next Air Mozilla bug. I made the change, pushed it up and submitted a pull request. Peter, the mentor, said it was the correct change but he wanted it formatted a little differently and he wanted it commented. He also wanted me to make a test for it in Nose Tests. Ok! That would be interesting. Tests are cool and of course useful. I made the other changes and then started working on the test. First I would need to know where that bit of code was being tested so I inserted a “raise Exception” near it and ran the test suite. That showed me right where I needed to be. But it was time for the next presentations so that would have to wait.

We all got settled for presentations but there were again some technical difficulties. Poor Richard!  Becky was first up so she was talking and trying to lessen her stress while waiting. Unfortunately we had technical issues that were beyond fixable at that moment and it took so long to determine this for sure that it was about time for lunch. Lukas had us fill out an end of class survey as food was being set up. Today lunch was pizza from Sizzle Pie! Katt is so wonderful and got us vegans our favorite pizza. It had pesto, mushrooms, olives and soy curls. Yum! There was plenty so I had two large pieces.

In the mean time Richard figured out a work around for the talks. They wouldn’t be live streamed and he would have to mesh the sound with the video over the weekend and post them up when they were done. Becky got back up there and gave the most beautiful talk. Many of us were crying. The rest of the talks were amazing. I just can’t believe how much everyone has grown in such a short time. I think I was most proud of Sophie. She was incredibly quiet for the majority of the project and I was pretty sure she didn’t want to give a talk more than anyone. She did it and did it well. So proud!

We were done with the stressful part! The rest of the day was spent working on blog post and goofing around. I tried to look at the test I needed to write but I couldn’t concentrate. I was merging people’s pull requests that passed Travis and merged one from David. Well, he put some html and Javascript in there that appeared to be commented out but was active! He and I were pretty surprised. That made for a fun ascendproject.org home page until he could fix it and send another PR. Lesson learned!

It was time for our dreaded last check out. Some of us, me included, didn’t say much of anything because we didn’t want to cry. Others said how they felt and of course I cried anyway. It was a check out full of tears and laughter for sure. I know this first group of Ascenders will be like no other to follow. We are the first and there is just something really special about that. Lukas even teased us and said, “Some day you all are going to have new little brothers and sisters. Don’t be mean to them. I still love you and you will always be my first’s.” It was really funny and very sweet.

Now it was time for our official graduation where we would do the handshake and get our certificates. We also got to pack up and take our beautiful laptops. I was only partly joking when I said I’d rather leave mine and have to come back each day. We all talked and hugged a bit more and then I left. Just like always and it didn’t feel like my last day. I think on Monday I will feel that last day.

I don’t think I really need to sum up my time at Ascend since I have a TMI daily blog of it and my video kind of sums it up but I hope that anyone reading can see what an amazing opportunity we all were given. Sometimes when something seems too good to be true, it’s not.

These are some amazing people right here!

From left, Dino, me, Kronda, Lukas and Katt.


2014.10.16 – Two More Days

I thought it was going to rain since it was raining yesterday so I significantly overdressed and we ended up having clear blue skies! Oh well, I was nervous enough about my upcoming presentation that I didn’t give it too much thought. I got to class and was just dreading my talk but in no time I would be past that and very relieved. Andrew and I walked to the Max and I gave my talk to him. He said he really liked it and he’s always honest with me so I felt pretty good. He made one tiny suggestion that I completely agreed with and noted.

I got to class and was ridiculously nervous about the talk. I made up a quick note card with some keywords to help me keep my place while I was talking. I wanted to say certain things but I didn’t want to read it verbatim. The morning got going and the half of us that were talking were bundles of nerves. I was so glad to be going the first day and toward the beginning so it would be over soon.

We had a bit of time before presentations so I messaged the OPW mentor and asked him for another bug to work on. He quickly gave me one and I started looking into it. My stomach was such a mess. Richard from the SF office was setting up the AV system so I knew it was getting close. Finally it was time to start. I was third so I had to sit nearby with Amanda who was second. Adam got ready and there were some technical difficulties but he did great when it came time for him to begin. Amanda was next and didn’t seem nervous at all. Now it was my turn. Bleh, but I got up there and just didn’t over think it. I had my card and I think I only had to refer to it once or twice. I did it and it wasn’t that bad! That’s it. All the stress was gone. I could totally relax knowing the hardest part was done. The other participants spoke and I was just amazed and proud to see how great they all were. We sure have come a long way in six weeks.

Lunch was next and it was one of my favorite food carts, Kargi Gogo! Lunch was delicious as expected. Everyone was happy and relived to be done. The other half of the class were ok as well because they didn’t have to speak until tomorrow.

I got back to looking at the code for my bug and found where I needed to make the change. The code is Python in Django so it’s familiar to me at least. I needed to pad event start times by 30 minutes in the iCal feed that is generated when an event is scheduled so that staff has time for set up. Everyone was really chatty and happy so I was pretty distracted and didn’t actually make any code changes. After Richard had our talks up on Air Mozilla he gave a small presentation about what Air Mozilla was and how we were able to edit our own videos. It was kind of cool to see him click on the Management link and have it open to Event Assignments. I made that change! Anyway, right at the end of the demo he said, “Lisa, I sent your video to Peter and his boss. You know, so they could put a face with the name.” Yikes! This can go one of two ways I suppose.

I think really don’t remember what I did for the rest of the day which is unusual but I probably spent the time socializing with everyone until our party at five. I guess we just started earlier 🙂 People’s friends and family began showing up. Wayne, Natale, Jayde, Estelle, Andrew, Lauren, and Sean came and we had fun hanging out with everyone. Jayde and Estelle ate SO MUCH crap while they were there. It was awful but I figured it was the one time they could do it. Then the two of them schemed to take a stash of crap with them in an empty chip bag! Not happening.

When the party was over we, along with Katt, headed over to Los Gorditos. I know, I know! But it’s so good! We had a great dinner and conversation and then Lauren and Sean took all of the kids home while the three of us took Katt to the place where she was dog sitting. When we got home I watched my presentation and to my surprise, it wasn’t bad! I was actually kind of pleased with it so here it is.

Today I learned that I can give a presentation and not die. Go me!

2014.10.15 – Three Days Left

I woke up to rain. I love that! I got ready and had some time before I had to leave. I decided to write up some of my talk for Thursday. I also looked at my progress report and saw a reminder from Lukas to investigate the Air Mozilla project for OPW. Noted. It was a nice change to walk to the Max in the cool, misty wind. My neighbor was there today and told me all about the coding issues she is having just one week before their next product release. I can actually understand what she’s talking about! It’s architecture stuff so not really my thing but she struggles with the same issues.

I got to class and Lukas was nice enough to get the computers out early. I jumped right on mine and pulled up the Air Mozilla project. I found the mentor, joined the IRC channel and messaged him. He responded right away and asked me to email him so that he could send me additional information. I did that and while I was waiting for his email I began setting up the dev environment. It went pretty quickly. I had just a couple of issues with postgresql and the environment setup docs were missing a few steps. My issues helped the mentor update the docs though.

I had a coaching session in the middle of lunch so I asked if I could leave early to get food. Lukas said that was fine so Amanda and I walked down and got fantastic Ethiopean food (see I CAN quit Los Gorditos). Dangit, I forgot leftovers in the fridge! Anyway, I ate a lot and then it was time for coaching.

Dino wanted to work on my talk. I wanted to just ignore the whole thing but he’s too convincing so talk it was. He first had me run through it once and then he drew thought boxes and we talked about how I could improve it. He had so many good ideas and he did his best to make me feel like I figured them out on my own but seriously I didn’t. I ran through it again once we had stuff planned a bit better and he thought it was good. He gave me one line for the end and said, “No matter what, ramble and do whatever, but DON’T fuck up that line! Nail that line if nothing else!” Ok Dino. It’s one line. How hard can it be?

The OPW mentor was available via IRC all day so I got help as quickly as I needed it. He updated the docs as we figured out typos and missing or incomplete steps. Once I had it set up I looked at the bug he suggested and it appeared pretty simple. It seriously took me all of five minutes to fix. He merged my pull request and that was it. I was qualified to submit an OPW app. Well then. He said, “Not to diminish your work but the fix was kind of easy. Ping me tomorrow if you want a more challenging bug since you still have time to do more before apps are due.” Ha! Yes, I will definitely be taking him up on that.

I checked in on the bug I was helping with and they had worked on making the changes so I helped get it all commited and pushed up to their repo. They made the pull request and said the mentor was happy with the changes! Success!

I got called into the “lair” so I could run through my talk in front of Lukas and Kronda. Bleh, I didn’t want to do it at all but I just tried to remember what Dino said. I talked to them as if I hadn’t met them and it was going pretty well……until the last line which I totally fucked up! Ok now I’m worried 🙂

We scrounged for dinner so we could get done early, watch a movie, and have popcorn. We watched Pirate Radio. It was ok. The popcorn Andrew made was really good!

Today I learned that svg in HTML5 stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. Really interesting stuff! Also HTML5 canvas is pretty cool. Check out Literally Canvas.

2014.10.14 – Whole Lot of Nothing

Today was probably my least productive day ever at Ascend. Everything I tried to do seemed to take forever and typically didn’t end up working. I spent most of the day trying to set up Debian on VirtualBox only to have it tell me it couldn’t find a suitable kernel. It was a lot of work and a lot of time wasted for sure. I really wanted to apply to OPW but the deadline to apply is right around the corner and I don’t want to rush through a contribution and submit a shitty application.

Lunch was fantastic though. Peri, Carmen, Amanda, Candida, Becky and I went back to Los Gorditos. I promise I’m going to quit! It was really good.

I decided to step away from my mess and help someone else. One of my cohort hadn’t filed a patch yet so I asked if I could look their bug over and maybe help. They seemed agreeable to that so I read a bit about what they had to do. It seemed pretty straight forward so I told them I would work on it with them tomorrow. We checked out and I stopped up at Whole Foods to get a few things for dinner night. Wayne was nice and picked me up!

Carmen made it to the house before Wayne and I did. He and I headed right for the kitchen and I did what I could to help prep for dinner before the larger group started to show up. We were having spaghetti with meatballs and Italian sausage, salad and Wayne’s yummy garlic bread. Tonight we had a great group. Carmen, Alice, Jason, Spencer, John, Lukas, Jenny, Amanda, Savanah, Yenni, Dino, Kronda and the five of us. We unfortunately ran out of food for those who came late. That doesn’t typically happen so I felt bad. I had such a nice night though. I love our house full of people. After everyone left, I researched the bug I was going to help with. Andrew looked at it with me and together we came up with a plan.

Today I learned I could work really hard and accomplish nothing. I also learned that it happens sometimes and it’s fine because my life is full of wonderful people who make everything better!

2014.10.13 – Patches Landed!

I had the worst night’s sleep in a long time. Just before I went to bed the night before, I noticed that a participant’s blog had only the alt text showing up for two of their images. One image was correct and they obviously made it past Travis so it was unusual. Apparently my brain thought it was terribly odd and needed to be fixed now! I tried to solve it over and over in my dreams and this awakened me several times. I never did come up with a solution though.

All of this waking caused me to be late out of bed so I was rushing around all morning. I couldn’t be late being early! Some days I just don’t know about me. Anyway, I made it at my usual early time so all was well. We had our check-ins and lots of us were sad about this being our last week. I feel awful when I think about it so I try not to. We had some time to work on our tasks before the All Hands meeting and just about this time I got notification that one of my patches had landed! Finally! The All Hands meeting was great and there are some exciting Mozilla things to come in the very near future.

I decided I would spend some time looking at OPW projects since I wasn’t on a bug rollercoaster any longer. The site said that most projects had many applications and to consider one of two that hadn’t received any. I looked at one and didn’t feel it was a good fit at all. The other one was ok but not something I was terribly excited about. I would probably learn a lot though so I decided to try to set up their dev environment. That required either installing directly on my computer or installing on a virtual machine. I opted for the VM since I didn’t know where this would go anyway.

There were several operating system choices but they were all Linux-based. I don’t know a thing about Linux but how hard could it be. I randomly chose Debian. I started up VirtualBox, created a new Debian VM, and then quickly realized it was going to want an install disk. Crap. Off I went searching for the ISO files. That was going to be a lengthy download even with the speedy Mozilla internet connection. It took about 30 minutes to download the three images so I read up on the project and what their software does. I also stopped briefly for lunch which was delicious Thai food! Yum!

Once the images were downloaded I installed Debian. It was ridiculously easy and I was up and running before I knew it, or so I thought. Next it was time to install their stuff. Well that’s when everything got complicated. I got permission errors and missing package errors left and right. Ugh! It wanted to read off of the install ISO but that was on my real computer (that sounds odd) and it’s not a matter of just dragging and dropping into the VM. I had to download it again! Another 30 minutes just for the first ISO since that was all I needed. I did more reading of the project and then watched the last two minutes of the download at which point it completely failed due to a lack of disk space. Wow, really? I was juuuuuuust a bit frustrated so I deleted the VM and started over. I created this one with a larger hard drive and more memory. I also paid more attention when installing and set up a package source so it wouldn’t ask for the ISO images. Handy! Things were moving along much better this time. I got Debian up and running and started installing the other software and once again it asked for the ISO. What the crap?! I did a bit of searching and found I needed to comment out a line in the sources file to stop it from asking for a disk image. That worked much better!

Somewhere in all of the above nonsense I got notification that my other patch landed! Two in one day! One was fairly insignificant but it still needed to be done and I did it so I’m happy.

We had to break for 10-15 minutes and then work on our talks right afterward. Bleh, stress, stress, stress. I started sweating just thinking about it. Adam and I went into a small room and had to practice just our first minute with each other and then give feedback. It wasn’t awful. We decided we were going to try to give our talks as soon as possible and just get it over with!

I went back to my laptop and started installing the required software for the project and it churned away happily. And then it finished with some sort of error although the application was running. I had no idea what the errors meant but it was time to check out and I had to leave as soon as possible to take Michael to the airport.

I kind of ran out and met Wayne and Michael downstairs. They had dropped Andrew off nearby so he could work on an issue building Perl on a Vax? with a fellow OpenBSD committer. Yeah, I have NO idea either. We had an uneventful drive to the airport and headed back home. We weren’t here long before Andrew said he was done for the night so I drove back down and picked him up. We grabbed dinner while we were down there and once again I wanted Los Gorditos. I really can stop any time. We got everything to go and the whole family was very happy with their food. That should go without saying because Los Gorditos is really good.

Today I learned that our friends Dan and Jessie had their third baby. A daughter named Opal Mae.

2014.10.12 – A Little Downtime

I slept in a bit this morning and had no plans for the day. This is pretty rare. I was going to spend some time with Rosetta Stone and get in some reading. It was a little chilly in the house so I asked Wayne to start a fire. Andrew gave me a hard time about this. It was probably not really that cold but a fire seemed like it would be nice. Jason stopped by to talk about his basement project, saw the fire and promptly planted himself in front of it. Vindication!

I just got all cozy when Lauren asked if I had any plans. We hadn’t done anything together in so long. I told her we should go get lunch so off I went to shower and get ready. We headed downtown and went to Los Gorditos. It’s just so good I wanted it again. Our lunch was great and afterward we stopped by Sephora so she could get something she needed. We headed home and part way there I remembered she wanted coffee. Oh well, too late now.

Once we got home Andrew asked if I would go to REI with him to look for a coat. Sure thing. Lauren wanted to go as well so back downtown we went. He tried on a couple of coats and found just the one he liked. I looked at clothes and found a really nice, cozy shirt. I looked at the price though and couldn’t believe one shirt could cost so much $$$! We were able to stop for coffee before heading home so Lauren was extra happy.

Once I got home, someone tweeted that the Ascend Project didn’t have an RSS feed. I decided I’d work on that while Wayne made dinner. Michael was going to eat with John and Spencer so he could spend time with them before he headed home so I sat and talked with them for a bit before they left for dinner.

Andrew and Wayne were going to make and bottle hot sauce before dinner so I knew I’d have plenty of time to just sit and work on the RSS thing. I saw that the Ascend repo had a feed.xml so really all it needed was a link for those who didn’t know how to try to browse to it. I didn’t see a reference to the Twitter account on the website either so I figured I may as well add that too while I was at it. I found a really simple Twitter follow bar code embed thingy, pretty sure that’s the technical name, and generated the code for that. I then searched for a mostly matching sort of RSS subscribe bar image. I picked one I thought looked ok and then made a snippet page, updated the templating on a couple of pages and it was done. It was ugly though! I’m really not a designer so hopefully another Ascender now or in the future will take that ball and run with it.

The guys ended up with three different kinds of hot sauce! Wayne quickly made burgers and they were ready just about the time John and Spencer were back with Michael. They sat with us while we had dinner and then we ended up talking until about 22:00.

Today I learned that I really suck at figuring out CSS.

2014.10.11 – Too Much Food

Michael’s conference didn’t start until 11:00 so the four of us went to breakfast. We decided against trying Junior’s again because it was such a fail. Today we would go to Hungry Tiger Too. I’ve been a few times and it’s never too busy. We got there a bit early so I went next door to the coffee shop and got an Earl Grey. While we were waiting for them to open we saw a message from a friend saying her flight was cancelled so she would not be making it to a talk she was scheduled for. Andrew asked her if she would like to go to lunch since her plans were cancelled and she said that would be great. We were going to meet her at 13:00 so this was going to be interesting. We’d still be stuffed from our breakfast.

Back at the restaurant we ordered our food and then waited and waited. Finally the food started showing up! Everyone but Michael got their plate. She said his would be right out but he didn’t get his food until we were just about done with ours. It was nearly 11:00 and we had to get him to the convention center so he ate as fast as he could and off we went. I have the worst luck with breakfast and guests!

We successfully dropped him off and then went to Next Adventure to look for a coat for Andrew. He has a fairly specific one in mind and we didn’t find anything close there. We then drove to The Haberdashery to see if they had anything but no luck there either.

It was already time to head to lunch and the three of us were not hungry at all. It didn’t matter because we really just wanted to spend some time with our friend since she had just moved to Portland. She wanted to meet at Queen of Sheba Ethiopian. We hadn’t been there before so we were interested in seeing how their food compared. We ordered the vegan platter and I’d have to say it was the best Ethiopian we’ve had in Portland so far. The food was flavorful and actually spicy for once. I barely ate anything because I was so full but we had a great visit.

We stopped at the store on our way home so we could get a few things we needed for a birthday party potluck. Jayde, our 12 year-old,  was tasked with making the cake. Jayde loves to bake so she was very excited to do this. The party was for Alice’s sister so Alice had purchased all of the cake decorations. The theme was flamingos and the color pink. Jayde had been looking at the decorations for a few days so had formulated an idea of how she wanted the cake to look. We left her to it and wow she did an amazing job!

Jayde's Cake

We had a nice time at the party potluck. Jason had a nice fire going in his fire pit and lots of our neighbors were there. It was a great evening.

Today I learned what the front of our house originally looked like when it was built in 1909.