2014.10.30 – Resume the Resume

I was going to go downtown with Andrew this morning and meet up with Amanda but my eye was still quite swollen so I opted to stay home. It was another beautiful, rainy day. I curled up on the couch with my tea, cat, and laptop and started checking email. There was something from the OPW career advisor already! I read through his email and he had so many helpful tips and suggestions. He also pointed me to an article that was really helpful to me personally. I sent him an email back thanking him for taking so much time to look over my resume and to send me so much advice.

It looked like another day of resume writing for me. I was going to have to start all over so I made myself comfortable and got to work. Between formatting issues, finding dates and proper wording, additions and deletions it really did take me nearly the entire day. I only took breaks to eat and go to the bathroom. I could hear Kronda and Lukas telling me to get up and take a mandatory 15 minute break so I at least did that!

Andrew had come home early. He had a headache and wasn’t feeling well so I made him lunch and got some laundry going. Wayne was spending the day mudding the TV wall.


I sent off my resume and requested another quick glance and then worked on the Haskell homework. The first time I looked at it it seemed really difficult and confusing but I just spent some time and it wasn’t bad at all. I missed a couple of questions but did pretty well overall.

It was BSD Pizza night so Wayne, Natale, Andrew and I headed to the next pizza place on the list, Life of Pie and it was excellent! We haven’t found many really good pizza places but we would definitely go back to this one. My pizza had marinara, caramelized onions, kale and basil. They have a pretty cool wood fired pizza oven and it’s really nice inside. We still like Handsome Pizza the best though.

Josh was the only other person to show up for pizza so while he and Andrew talked about whatever they talk about the rest of us went down the way to What’s the Scoop to see what they might have that was vegan. They both mango and chocolate sorbet. We opted for chocolate sorbet with sliced almonds. Yum! I wanted a waffle cone but they make theirs with butter. Oh well. It was good anyway. We headed home and watched an episode of Dr. Who. We are so far behind!

Today I learned that Josh wrote a lot of the code for the Transmission BitTorrent app.