2015.06.23 – 2015.07.04 – Something Had to Give

And it ended up being my daily blog! But that’s ok because I’m busy, busy learning so freakin’ much at work. Some days I feel like I jump around from one thing to another and some days I feel like I get in some good, solid time working through a particular project. There are just so many things to know and digging into one thing often leads to digging into many other things that first thing touches. Good thing I love learning!

Last Thursday Amanda came and sat next to me and helped me get started on some logs training. As one can imagine UA monitors and logs pretty much everything. If something goes sideways it would be nice if I knew how to track down the issue. They have some cool internal tools to make this job a bit easier but I also need to know what I’m looking at once I find it. It’s pretty fascinating. I hope this is a skill I’ll be needing. I’m still winging it since my boss is still on vacation. He’s back on Monday though and hopefully he’s happy with my progress. We’ll see!

Today I learned that scientists have created a hologram that a person can touch!