2014.08.27 – Fun at the Science Museum

Today Jayde, her friend, and I spent the day with Alena and the kids, Tiberias, Rialla, and baby Anya at OMSI. We have a membership and hardly used it last year. Since they just moved here I figured it would be great to share our membership with them.

We met there at about 09:30 and left at close to 15:00! We all had so much fun. The museum is perfect for all ages. There is a room just for little ones 0-6 and it has a variety of things to do. A water area, sand area, blocks, air, gravity, flubber, crafts….We did a lot!

We also had an awesome lunch there. When I have been before, I have ordered the veggie burger which is very good but this time I wanted to try a pizza. I didn’t see a vegan pizza on the menu but I figured I could have them just leave off the cheese and any meats. I was so surprised to find out that they make their own vegan cashew cheese and it was wonderful! My pizza had the cheese, chard, onions, hot peppers and sliced pears. I will definitely be ordering that again.

Usually the guys and I go to OMSI after dark when it’s open for adults only. It’s a once per month evening but I really think I had more fun and could do more things with all of the kids vs drunk adults.

Today I learned that OMSI makes their own vegan cashew cheese. Funny that’s what I learned at a science museum!