2014.08.26 – Back to School Already?

Our two youngest are headed back to school on Thursday. This seems like a really short summer compared to the Never Ending Summer of last year. Because of the difference in school calendars between our schools in Arizona and the schools here in Portland the kids ended up with a ridiculously long summer but it was full of the joys of moving into a century old home. Lots of stuff to put away, tons of weeds to pull. They couldn’t wait for school to start! That’s not really different for them though. They both love school and are both great students. Natale is a freshman in high school this year and Jayde is a 7th grader in middle school.

We, as usual, waited until nearly the last minute to go school shopping but got it all done today. Lots of paper, pens, folders and such. They each got a new backpack even though we have so many here at the house. It’s nice to have a new one though I think.

We came home and I made dinner for Dinner Night, our Tuesday ritual for the last ( I don’t even know how long) over a decade. I’m glad it’s a tradition we could bring to Portland with us. I just love being able to reconnect with our friends and neighbors each week and find out how everyone is doing. Life is sure good.

Today I learned that Jason does a great impression of a dumbwaiter.