2014.08.28 – Programming, Pizza, and Pests.

There was definite progress today even though Shanna and I only got in one day of coding. We both kind of went into the day not feeling very confident but Shanna suggested we watch the videos together and then code at the same time instead of each wearing headphones. Wow, that worked really well. I got stuck quite a bit more than she did and she was able to get me back on track each time so that helped move things along. We both felt pretty good about our abilities and understanding by the time we were done. Whew!

It was the monthly BSD Pizza Meetup later this evening so we drove down to Milwaukee and had less than great pizza with a really nice group of people. There were nine of us this time so I think it was our largest gathering so far.

By the time we got home the kids were in bed and the house was dark so I wandered upstairs to get ready for bed. I was sitting at my computer desk in the dark, text messaging Lauren and some stupid fucking flying insect of some sort tried to fly at or in my ear. It scared the shit out of me and I shooed it away but the thing tried like four more times to get in my ear! It finally left me alone so I finished my conversation and then went in our room to get undressed and the damned thing tried again! I freaked out again and shook my hair out and batted at the air in the dark. It went away again. I got in bed and as I lay there I couldn’t fall asleep because I just knew the little fucker was going to try again. It was about 45 minutes before I was finally asleep and sure as shit it tried again! I swore, jumped out of bed as fast as I could, and did the whole head batting, shaking thing again. Ugh! I went and found some cotton and stuffed it in my ears and then went online to see if there is some particular kind of flying thing that likes to fly into people’s ears. It turns out that all sorts of things like to get in people’s ears and it happens fairly often. It typically results in a trip to the ER, the creature buzzing, wiggling and sometimes dying along the way. This does not make me feel any better! I think I need to go to Costco and stock up on some cotton.

Today I learned that tiny little things can bring about giant fear.