2014.12.25 – Christmas 2014

We all wanted to sleep in but Jayde is 12 and is the last one in the house to still be ridiculously excited about Christmas. Needless to say, we were up at 08:00 so we could start breakfast and be ready when everyone started showing up at 09:00. I planned to make sourdough pancakes (my sourdough starter is over a year old!) and hashed browns. Alice brought some vegan sausage patties to add to the meal.

Jayde said she was too excited to eat and just wanted everyone to show up so we could open presents. Taylor and Delaney were running late, Natale would not get up, Lauren and Sean were MIA so Jayde was freaking out.

Everyone finally got all gathered together but it was close to 10:00. Finally presents! I’m not even going to list what everyone got but it was nice and everyone seemed pleased. We cleaned up the mess and proceeded to do a lot of nothing for the rest of the day. We watched The Interview (stupid), Radio Flyer (sad), Never Ending Story 3 (meh), and Christmas Vacation (same as always). In the middle of all of the movie watching I made some chocolate chip cookies. They were yum!

Wayne made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and everyone came back to eat. We had a nice table full of people and talked about what a great day we all had together. I went to bed early after such an exhausting day 🙂

Today I learned that rice milk isn’t a great substitute for soy milk in pancakes.