2014.12.24 – Christmas Eve

I don’t often dream but when I do it’s exciting! It’s not really exciting. I dreamed a lot about how to make the UA Python library compatible with Python 2 and 3. I totally solved it in my dream but upon waking I realized it would never work. Oh well.

Andrew was going to work for half of the day and then we were going to go get a last minute gift and hit the grocery store. I did a little bill paying and it felt nice to have that out of the way. I grabbed my tea and headed across the street to Joanne’s house. She’s another wonderful neighbor who is going through a really rough time managing her husband who has dementia. I’ve been a terrible friend and neighbor and haven’t really seen her much. She had just finished baking some pie and cheesecake so we sat in the kitchen and caught up. I stayed until it was lunch time and promised I wouldn’t be such a stranger.

I watched the second episode of season one of Grimm and wow, some of the acting is just awful! Luckily the terrible actor’s characters get killed off. Kronda says it gets better so I’m going to keep watching, besides it’s lots of fun to see Portland in a tv show.

Andrew finished up so he, Wayne, and I headed downtown to get a gift certificate for one of our children. I had a difficult time shopping for him this year but I think he will like the store we picked and he will be able to choose something unique. We tried to eat at a Mexican place I had passed several times but it was closed. Oh well, guess it’s Los Gorditos again. We drove over there and saw the open sign so quickly found parking, walked up and they were closed 🙂

Most everyone was closed as they should be on Christmas Eve. We needed stuff from the store so I suggested we just head to Whole Foods and get stuff from the hot bar and then grab the groceries we needed. That worked out really well. The store was busy but not ridiculous by any means. As we were heading home, Andrew messaged Alice to see if they were up for watching Die Hard, our traditional Christmas movie, and she said they were so we came home and wrapped all of the presents so that would be out of the way. Natale came home with Delaney. They had been to the pet store so he could pick out another frog. That was his gift from Taylor and her. He was so excited and now Walter will have a friend. I don’t know if frogs really give a shit about that but Walter didn’t seem to mind his new companion so that’s good at least.

Andrew made a huge bag of popcorn while I put on PJs and warmed up my hot bag thing. We wandered across the street and everyone got all situated in their fancy theater. We decided to watch the second Die Hard because we always watch the first one. I didn’t remember some of it but it was pretty typical Die Hard stuff. I was surprised at how much they said ‘fuck’ in the movie. It was a lot!

When we got home I filled the stockings with silly crap and thought about our former Christmas Eve traditions in Arizona. Usually Andrew and I would head down to Walgreens around midnight and buy stocking stuffers. Our Walgreens was open 24/7 so it was not a problem. We’d then go by an former neighbor’s house and sneak an ornament onto their porch. It was something I did when we lived next door to them and we just kept doing it as we moved around. I don’t even know if they still lived there after several years of doing this. Those traditions are gone now but they are being replaced with new, wonderful ones like watching Die Hard with our neighbors.

Today I learned that Justin Timberlake likes to shop at the store where we bought the gift certificate. This isn’t important to me but our son will think it’s great.