2014.12.26 – Pizza Friday

I slept in really late considering how early I went to be the night before. It felt great though. I got up, showered and dressed so I could get a half day of work in. Andrew was planning to do the same. I was going to have a healthy breakfast but chose some chocolate chip cookies instead. They were delicious!

I logged on to my work laptop and started reading about Python 2 and 3 compatibility. Soon after, someone posted free firewood on Nextdoor. We are always looking to take leftovers of someone’s recent tree removal but free firewood goes really fast. I messaged immediately and I was first. She had a really old walnut tree that was all cut down and sectioned. Perfect! I asked Wayne if he wanted it and he did for sure. I messaged Taylor to see what he was doing and if he would bring his truck and come help. He agreed.

Dave messaged me about this time to let me know he was on his way over. I wasn’t sure if we were going to hang out today or Saturday but I guess it was today. I definitely wouldn’t be able to help with the firewood. Wayne and the boys headed over there though and worked all day loading it and bringing truckloads home.

Dave and I went to City Liquidators because he had never been. Everyone needs to experience it at least once though! He thought it was “interesting” 🙂 I told him that Alice says to make sure one knows where all exits and fire extinguishers are located because that place is just a tragedy waiting to happen. I can’t really disagree!

We went to Lemongrass Thai for lunch. Neither of us had ever been but he heard great things about it. It’s in a wonderful old house. We both ordered and I asked for my food with a bit of spice. Dave said he wanted his very spicy and the man said, “We have heat levels from 1-10. 3 is the hottest you can get anywhere else in Portland.” Dave asked for a 3.

Our food came and Dave took a bite of his. He said it was HOT. Not too hot but almost as hot as the food Andrew gets from Chez Dodo. That’s pretty hot. Our food was wonderful. I definitely want to take Andrew and see if he can handle a 4. I’ve never seen him react in a painful way to spicy food so this will be interesting.

After lunch Dave and I went to Eastside Deli near our house to get sandwiches for my hard working guys. They make quite a substantial sandwich but I got them all 12″ subs because I figured they worked up quite an appetite. They thought the same but none of them could eat more than half.

I got back to work while they ate and worked until about 20:00. That was more than a half day for sure but I felt no further along with this Python 2/3 thing at all. Ugh! I’m going to have to ask for help and I don’t want to!

Since our main chef was completely exhausted we decided to get Handsome Pizza for dinner. I love ordering and just being completely surprised at how they decide to make it. I will sure miss them when they move! Wednesday is their last day 🙁

Our pizzas were yummy! One was red sauce topped with onions, spicy peppers and kale. The other had kale, pumpkin seeds and butternut squash sauce. We ate quickly and Andrew made popcorn to take across the street. Yep another movie. That Alice is a bad influence I tell ya! We watched Saving Mr. Banks. It was really good. I’m not a fan of Walt Disney at all but the story, although mostly fiction, about P.L. Travers was great so I focused on that.

Today I learned that P.L. Travers was originally from Australia and according to her grandchildren “died loving no one and with no one loving her.”