2014.11.21 – It Does Actually Rain Here Sometimes

And today it was raining. Not a lot though. Either we have been experiencing unusual weather since we move here or people in Portland LIE! Spencer messaged to see what I was doing and I hadn’t really started doing much other than getting up and dressed.

Spencer picked me up and we went to SE Portland for his haircut. The place was right out of the 50’s. Little old ladies sitting under hair dryers, massive amounts of talking and laughing, and then Spencer and his gay hairdresser in the corner. That part wasn’t so much out of the 50’s. It was a great place! I read a bit of Red Mars until he was done and then we headed to the Apple Store downtown. His laptop was broken again. The third time with the same issue since June. They decided to replace more parts but I butted in and asked if they would just replace the thing if it breaks again. He said that didn’t sound unreasonable. Good!

We walked up to Veggie Grill and had a tasty lunch while we people watched. Neither of us had anything else we needed to do so he dropped me off at home. I messaged a bit with Peter to get more clarification on this frustrating bug of mine and then headed up to Cup Coffee where I was going to meet Kronda and do some co-working. It’s an adorable coffee shop in a house right on Interstate. I have gone past it many times and have always wanted to stop in. Kronda was just getting there and was stripping off her rain gear. She is not a wimp like me. Rain or shine she bikes.

It was really nice hanging out with her again. We talked a bit here and there but not enough that we didn’t accomplish anything. Ok I didn’t really accomplish much more than staring in frustration at Django code. I had written, with a lot of help, a new data validator but it was never getting called. Why???? I couldn’t figure it out. Ah well, the coffee shop was closing so we said goodbye and I headed home.

We were scrounging for dinner but I wasn’t hungry so I sat and looked over my code some more. Finally, completely frustrated, I asked Andrew to come look at it again. He figured out that the validator needed to be initialized. This was never really clear to me when reading the documentation. Andrew agreed the documentation wasn’t the best but it was working and it makes complete sense after the fact of course. Grrr that was frustrating. I learned a lot though!

Today I learned that Django validators need to be initialized.