2014.11.22 – Interstellar Finally

With a little over a week to go before I begin the Urban Airship internship I figured I would try and do some fun things I know I won’t be doing while working. I had been wanting to see Interstellar at the IMAX theater so I told Andrew and Wayne we were going at 15:00. They were agreeable and Kronda wanted to join as well. Great! I also Asked Alice and Jason.

Wayne made me some breakfast and as we were eating I got a message from Jordan. It seems he and his girlfriend were having a bad time again. This time they couldn’t agree on having children. He was telling me how important it is for him to have biological children but she doesn’t want any. In talking about it he sort of had an epiphany and asked if he could just stay in Portland when he came to visit in January. I told him that of course he could. One thing led to another and the next thing I know I was buying him a plane ticket to Portland for a flight less than two weeks away! I can’t wait! I think he will love it here and I hope he can find someone who loves and appreciates the kind man that he is.

We were leaving early for the movie and it was about time to go. Kronda had some boots to pick up at REI so I suggested we grab her and go get them before the movie so we picked her up, headed downtown and REI was a madhouse! We weren’t even inside and the traffic was ridiculous. She ran in while we waited in the car but our mission was successful and her boots are great!

We headed to the theater and ended up being veeeeeery early. That’s ok though because we got to pick the very best seats and save a few for Alice, Jason and Natale who was riding down with them. We sat through a crapton of commercials and previews but finally the movie started. I LOVED it! It was really loud during some parts. Loud enough that I had to plug my ears but it was really great. There was enough action that it kept me engaged the entire time. I was surprised to find out afterward that it was a three hour movie. It sure didn’t seem like it!

After the movie Wayne went with Alice, Jason and Natale so Alice and Wayne could get dinner started. We dropped Kronda off and then headed home as well. Wayne and Alice cooked while Andrew and I stood around and talked with them. We always have such a nice time and laugh a lot. They made an excellent dinner by combining stuff from each of our homes. It was mostly stuff we had to cook or throw out soon. Then we all settled in to watch a documentary called The Corporation. It was frightening but made me feel pretty powerless against huge corporations.

Today I learned that Snow Peak titanium mugs were used as props in Interstellar. I have a set and use mine every day.