2014.11.20 – Pajamas All Day!

Yup I definitely stayed in my pajamas all day. I knew I didn’t need to go anywhere so I settled myself on the couch and dug back into this pesky bug. I don’t know why I am having such a hard time figuring out Django ModelForm validation. This is marked as a “Good first bug” but man it was bending my brain for sure.

I pinged Lukas on IRC and asked if she had heard anything from Marina. She hadn’t so said she would message her. About twenty minutes later I had my answer. OPW was willing to defer my Mozilla internship until the conclusion of the UA internship so I was going to be able to do both! Unbelievable! I quickly signed the UA internship contracts and got them back to them. I also let them know the 12/1 start date was going to be fine.

I thanked Lukas and Marina for everything and then thanked Peter for being so understanding. I told him I felt the UA internship would make me a better Mozilla intern and he agreed. We still planned to meet during the Mozilla party at the Portland Art Museum and possibly fit in a dinner with just Peter, Richard and I so we can talk about what my work will be.

I spent a good part of the morning/afternoon reading form validation stuff over and over but it was just frustrating. I took a break to get my sourdough ready for the second rise and then spent some time reading Red Mars. Soon enough it was time to get dinner going. Wayne got a fire going while I made a creamy pumpkin almond pasta sauce and got the bread baking. Wayne made sauteed Brussels sprouts and onions and sauteed mushrooms. Alice made our salad as always. Dinner was extra good! I don’t know why I don’t make the sauce more often. It’s delicious and super easy.

We were just finishing up when Jason messaged to say his train was just about to Portland. Alice and I left to get him and we took Ladybug along for the ride so she could welcome him home. Alice also brought him a nice slice of buttered sourdough. He said he had a wonderful trip so that was good!

We came back home and talked a bit while Jason enjoyed the fire and some cornbread. We watched a couple of movie trailers and decided on the next movie we would all watch together. It was a productive yet lazy day.

Today I learned that an all day pajama day is nice every now and then