2015.06.03 – Doctors and More Doctors

But not for me! It seems like we are all getting this or that done. I had to take Natale to the doctor in the morning. He’s really been struggling with the emotions associated with puberty so this gave us some time to talk about things one-on-one.

I tend to expect a lot from him because he’s intelligent and he works hard. He hasn’t been working very hard and has been making some really unintelligent choices lately so I get frustrated. He said my reaction makes it difficult for him to talk to me. This just isn’t good. I decided then to make him a promise that I would not react to anything he told me even if it made me mad. I told him I might have to walk away and process but I would not react. He promised that he would talk to me even when it felt really scary. I hope this new way of doing things helps improve our communication.

I spent the afternoon working with Lauren and helping her set up a development environment. We got her all set up with Git and Github and I showed her how to initialize a repository, stage her changes, commit them and then push them up to Github. She picked it up easily. We also got her vimrc and bash_profile all customized and she was pretty happy with that.

Andrew had to go back for a repeat MRI waaaaay out in SE Portland. He had to be there at 16:15 so we were stuck in traffic most of the way there. It was raining so it was even worse. We finally made it and the place was packed! They called Andrew up and he came back shortly and said I needed to go with him. Apparently the MRI place decided not to take his insurance any longer so he would have to find a different place to get it done. What?!?! Why? and why are they just now telling us?! She apologized and said they had just gotten the email and that his previous MRI would be covered. She also said a woman was going to help us find a different place that would take his insurance. She handed me a card and told us to call her. We headed back home in even worse traffic and were nearly home when Andrew’s phone rang. Ooooops! They made a mistake! They don’t take his insurance any longer but this is a re-do of the last one so there is no charge. Can we come back? Well shit! I wanted to tell them no but we were leaving for a week and we wanted this done sooner than later so we turned around and headed back in even worse traffic since now it was after 17:00. They were super nice and very sorry though and I understand that kind of thing happens. They got him right in and out and we were back on our way home. Whew! There was still traffic but we were kind of used to it by then.

Wayne made us yummy vegan BLTAs for dinner. I only took half since we were watching a movie later and Andrew was going to make popcorn. Alice came over and we watched Philomena. It’s based on a true story. It was sad but the flow was kind of off. Or maybe I was still off. It wasn’t terrible but not fantastic either.

Today I learned about Vim Awesome.