2015.06.02 – Today is Unclear

I was having a minor outpatient procedure today but that meant no food or water until afterward. Boo! I kept myself preoccupied by reading until it was time to head to the hospital. I wasn’t sure how things would go but it was a bit more involved than I had anticipated. I got my own room, changed into a gown and got in a bed. I was covered in nice warm blankets and the nurse started an IV. Wayne and I watched HGTV until it was time for them to take me away. They said I’d be awake but sedated. I guess that’s what happened because I don’t remember shit. I woke up back in my room pretty confused and was sort of in and out of it even while getting dressed to go home. I was completely unaware of being in the recovery room. I kind of remember the drive home I think. I took a nap for a couple of hours when we got home but was pretty much back to myself by the time people started showing up for dinner night.

Alice and Wayne made a DELICIOUS, partly because it was my first meal in 2 days and partly because it was DELICIOUS, stir-fry and some yummy rice, barley, radish seed mix from Trader Joe’s. Tonight we had Taylor, Delaney, Jason, Alice, the six of us, John and Spencer.

Today I learned that twilight sleep is not what I had imagined.