2015.06.04 – PLUG

Today I pretty much read a book until it was time to get my hair cut. Wayne dropped me off at the salon downtown at 16:00 and Andrew walked up to meet me once he was done at work.

My friend Frankie does my hair and this time I asked him to put some dark purple underneath in the back so it would really only be seen if I put my hair up in a ponytail. He did it but I can’t really see it at all. Oh well.

Andrew and I had about an hour before we had to be at the monthly PLUG meeting so we hustled over to Veggie Grill for some dinner. They had their delicious street corn so we both got that and some burgers. Yum!

We made it to the meeting just in time but as luck would have it they were having technical difficulties so ended up starting about 15 minutes late. The talk was really interesting. The speaker, John Hawley works at Intel and gave a talk about open source hardware.

Today I learned that the Raspberry Pi is NOT open hardware! Arduino, BeagleBone, and the Minnowboard by Intel are.