2015.04.29 – Drummer Town!

Today I went and hung out with my friend Shanna at her new drum school/shop in St. Johns. I brought us sandwiches from East Side Deli. Yum! Her place is great and I think she will have a ton of fun running it. I can’t wait to go back for the grand opening. A friend of her’s, Thea, stopped by and the three of us talked and talked. It was a really nice morning/afternoon and I miss spending lots of time with Shanna but I needed to get myself home and be productive.

I checked my mail and Peter had given me an r+ on my pull request so all I needed to do was squash my commits and resubmit it. I got it done and pushed up and really for the first time ever felt like what I did was not a huge deal but just a bit of work that needed to be done so bring on the next task. It was nice to feel so comfortable finally! After that was taken care of I started messing with exercism.io. I heard about it after listening to a podcast on the Lady Loves Code website. It’s a great way to practice various coding skills and help others. I highly recommend trying it out.

Today I learned about William Kentridge. He came up while I was talking with Thea about Platonic Idealism.