2015.04.28 – Back at Mozilla

I headed down to Ristretto Roasters to meet Rachel. This time I ordered some tea and it was great! Rachel showed up right on time and wow, she was so nice. We talked and talked and talked and I could have stayed there all day hanging out with her. She was funny and smart. She told me about her path and about the position. It sounds like a fantastic place to work and I am excited to meet the rest of the team.

Jim from Mozilla had invited me to lunch so I made my way to the office and I haven’t been gone long enough for it to feel odd. We had a nice talk over some pizza and salad, I submitted a pull request and then asked Wayne to come and get me because it was looking pretty stormy out and I am still too new to Portland to have been prepared. I really need to figure that out.

It was also dinner night. Jason was gone so we made a meal I thought he wouldn’t care much for. It was SO good. Quinoa, chickpeas, kale, sun-dried tomatoes, broccoli with a lemon, garlic, basil dressing. I think I could eat it every day. We had the six of us, Alice, John, Spencer, Dale, Miri, baby Michael, and Frankie and Roberto showed up after everyone else had gone.

Today I learned about Platonic Idealism.