2015.04.30 – BSD Pizza Night

I had the pleasure of accompanying Jayde’s class downtown to see Cyrano at the Armory. I knew the basic idea of the play but hadn’t ever read or watched it. There were, I think four classes in total going and each class is about 20 children. We were taking the Max and I was wondering how this would be with that many middle-schoolers but it was great. They were all really good. When we got downtown ( I guess it wasn’t technically downtown but I call anything within the circle bordered by I-5 on the east and I-405 on the west downtown. Whatever) we went to a park and ate the lunches we brought. The kids ran straight for the playground and worked off some energy and then we made our way up to the Armory. Jayde’s class and another had the entire upper balcony which had a great view! I was worried that the kids would get restless during the two hour play but they were all so good. I was impressed. The play was fantastic! It was funny and touching. I really loved going.

After the play I checked on Andrew’s status since he was working at the co-working space. He said he was about done so met us all at the train. The giant group of us piled on and made our way home. Jayde went back to school for a while to hang out with her friends so Andrew and I went home.

I spent the remainder of the afternoon and early evening panicking about my interviews tomorrow. I had to stop doing that though so we could head to BSD Pizza Night. We were meeting at Sizzle Pie on the east side of the river. The pizza was good but too spicy for me. We had a great time talking about all sorts of random stuff. Lots of it I don’t even understand but Wayne said he’d explain it to me later. Heh 🙂

Today I learned about ECC memory and bit-flipping. Fascinating!