2015.04.27 – Not Nervous at All

Ok I’m kind of nervous! I have a coffee meeting with a potential employer and my last coffee meeting was really weird. Rob seems really nice though so I don’t think it will be weird. I’m just nervous.

That’s how my morning went but as soon as I met Rob I was fine. He was so nice and I really enjoyed just talking to him. He told me about the company he works for and I talked about my background. He told me his story too. I always find it so interesting to learn the path people took to get where they are. We talked for quite some time before he had to get going but he wanted me to come in and meet the team later this week.

I spent the rest of the day working on more Air Mozilla stuff. It feels good to be making progress even if it’s slow. I got an email from Rob suggesting I meet with Rachel, the person transitioning out of the position they are hiring for, either tomorrow or the next day so we have it set up for tomorrow at the same coffee shop.

Today I learned not to order the chai at Ristretto Roasters.