2015.04.26 – Oregon Symphony

It was a pretty quiet day today. We didn’t have any plans until the evening so I was able to work on fixing a test for my Air Mozilla feature. I keep pushing work for it aside because I’m making the job hunt my priority but I still want these things fixed up so they kind of nag at me. It was nice to just sit and work on that with nothing very pressing going on and because I could just dedicate my time to it with zero pressure it made it easier to finish.

We had tickets to go see the Oregon Symphony playing the music of Led Zeppelin. We were going with John and Spencer so they picked us up around 17:00 and we went to dinner first. Being in Portland I don’t really like to eat at chain restaurants very often since we have so many more choices but we were kind of limited to places near they symphony hall and they aren’t vegan. I searched for a place that seemed great for all of us and ended up finding The Yard House. We had never been but they had a selection of Gardein items they served so it seemed perfect. They weren’t too busy with it being fairly early on a Sunday. Our server was great, drinks were great, and the food was ok. None of us were wild about it but it wasn’t bad.

After dinner we walked over to the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall and there were a LOT of people in line. Luckily we had our tickets mailed to us so we didn’t have to wait. By the time I purchased our tickets there weren’t a ton of seats left so we were way up in the upper balcony. The woman I spoke with when I purchased them said there wasn’t really a bad seat in the house though so I wasn’t terribly worried about it. Wow, it is a beautiful concert hall! The place was packed with very excited people, some dressed all fancy and some not so much and I love that! Portland seems to be very ‘come as you are’ and nobody looks twice.

The symphony began and it was great! I do think it would have sounded a bit better had we sat lower but it was still really, really good. We had a gentleman in front of us who was totally rocking out and that only improved the whole experience. I will definitely be looking for more events like that!

Today I learned that the concert hall was originally named the Portland Publix Theatre and was built in 1928.