2015.04.23 – What a Day

Wayne and I were up early so we could run Alice to the airport. She’s meeting Jason there for a short vacation. After she was safely dropped off Wayne and I went to Junior’s Cafe for some vegan French toast. It was pretty good but they changed their menu and didn’t have the potatoes with fennel that I really like. I will have to figure out a new favorite thing there I guess 🙂

I had a doctor appointment after breakfast and then we headed back home. I worked on my programming test for the rest of the afternoon until it was time to go to Trillium for Natale’s parent/teacher conference. Natale, Wayne and I met with his advisor, Ken. We were shocked to find that Natale was only passing ONE class. He has always been a top student so this was quite alarming! We had a really long talk about things though and a lot of this stems from his fear of the future. He fears everything but right now he feels like adulthood is coming up too quickly and he doesn’t feel even close to prepared. We just have to spend a lot of extra time reassuring him that we aren’t booting him out when he turns 18. He should know that based on the other grown children still living with us but I am happy to reassure him as much as he needs. Luckily his school uses competency based grading and he’s very close to passing in the other classes so I think he will be able to pull out of this. He’s an awesome kid and deserves to feel safe and successful.

Today I learned that DRY carbonated beverages from Fred Meyer are delicious. Especially the cucumber soda.