2015.04.24 – Tea at the Chinese Gardens

I woke up to an overcast day and the possibility of rain. I was hoping it would hold off as I was meeting a friend for tea at the Chinese Gardens. I hadn’t been before so was extra excited about this new adventure. I was really looking forward to having tea with Sam. I met him during Ascend when he came to help our class. I had messed something up in Git and he knew how to fix it so I pretty much commandeered his time and he helped me through it. He also taught me a lot! Anyway, I was looking forward to seeing him again and getting to know him outside of the class.

The rain held off on my walk to the Max which was nice and I arrived at the gardens a bit early. Sam showed up shortly afterward and the gardens opened up. I had no idea how beautiful they were. Wow! I’ve walked past them many times but they are behind a wall so who knew?? We wandered around while we chatted. I couldn’t get over everything there was to see. It began to lightly rain as we walked up to the tea house. We sat down and looked over the menu. They have a ton of choices! We narrowed down our choices and chatted while we waited for our ea to arrive. My tea was delicious but I don’t remember what it was called. We sat and talked for quite some time. It dumped rain at some point while we were there and I think we both wondered how long that might last. I was having such a nice time and could have stayed there for hours more but I also thought I might be talking a lot.

We finished up our tea and said goodbye. I had to get home for a phone call with a potential employer. Things hadn’t been going very smoothly with this company though so I wasn’t getting my hopes up. I walked to the Max and JUST missed a yellow train. Oh well, one would be along in another 15 minutes. That would be perfect timing. Any later and I would not get home in time. I waited and waited though and no yellow train showed up. It was too late now but I was outside in the rain next to a noisy street. Not ideal for a phone call at all. Luckily I was near Andrew’s co-working space and I knew the door code so I let myself in and sat on the stairs. Andrew wasn’t working there this day but I was only going to sit on the stairs in the lobby so nobody would even know I was there. Except Andrew’s co-workers happened to wander downstairs to head to lunch. They thought it was really random that I was there so I explained what was going on. Matthew suggested I just go upstairs and go in an empty room. He said to tell them I was his guest if anyone complained. They seem really nice there though so I wasn’t too worried.

I went upstairs, found a room and the call soon came through. It was really weird and I have no idea how it went. Oh well I just need to move on and try somewhere else. I decided I would just take a bus home since it stops much closer to the house. It was raining so it seemed like a good idea to minimize the distance I had to walk. That was another lousy idea as I waited about 45 minutes for a bus. Oh well again. I finally made it home and decided to spend the rest of the day reading a book.

Today I learned that Sam has a really great website for anyone wanting a better understanding of Git.