2015.04.22 – Not So Sick

I thought I’d feel awful today but I woke up feeling surprisingly well except for a cough. I stayed home anyway because how annoying would I be coughing through talks? I’m thankful all of the talks were recorded and uploaded pretty much the same day but I would have loved to talk to the other attendees. Oh well.

I spent the day working on a programming challenge for a job opportunity. Parts of it were really easy and parts were really frustrating. I guess that’s how it goes. I had trouble dealing with some special characters and punctuation. I know if I were working with another person or a team I’d be able to ask someone for some tips and guidance and I wouldn’t have struggled as much or for as long. I still have more work to do and a meeting with someone Monday.

Today I learned that deploying a Flask app to Heroku is pretty darned easy.