2015.02.25 – Yeah, Don’t Eat That

It actually rained today although I completely missed it. I was hoping to get a lot done so I can get close to finishing the implementation of this feature and get to test writing. I’d like to actually complete this thing before my internship is over! I will but some days it sure doesn’t feel like it. I did get things sorted with the latest push and Richard got me a new star sprite that looks great so I do feel a bit accomplished today. I tried to mess with localForage but I think I am just making things more difficult than they are. Story of my coding life.

Katt was out sick so that made for lots of fun getting back in the office whenever I had to use the restroom but everyone was pretty nice about it. I’m a lowly intern so I am not allowed to have a badge. Oh well. I had wanted to go tour the Co-working place that Kronda just joined but she had a late start and I ended getting picked up early. It’s a good thing too because as I was getting in the car Andrew let me know that Natale had accidentally ingested peanuts and the Benadryl was nowhere to be found. We quickly bought some and rushed home! I thought it was too late but he hadn’t started throwing up yet so he took a couple of pills and we hoped for the best. He did throw up after about an hour but it was long enough that he got the meds in his system. He was sick for sure and covered in hives but this was the least bad I’ve ever seen him react. Whew!

Andrew got TLS set up on ownCloud so I messed with getting my apps to sync to it and will tackle localForage tomorrow.

Today I learned that crows will sometimes try to build relationships with humans that feed them.