2015.02.24 – Back To School

I went with Jordan to PDX Code Guild. I was going to talk a bit about my journey and experiences while learning to code and also get some work done. I messaged Peter about my PR and he gave me enough comments to get me working on stuff and I was also distracted by the class I was sitting in. They were talking about databases and I couldn’t help but listen so it was slow going for me for sure.

I had some code that was written to work a couple of different ways so sent it all to Peter to let him decide which was best. He let me know so I pulled out the unnecessary code and broke everything. Gah! I scratched my head for a while about that and then realized it has to do with a template I am extending from. Ok, I see the problem but how the heck do I fix it? I can’t change that template but I’m not sure how to change the other either. I messed with it and messed with it but didn’t come to any definite conclusions. I also had to add a meta class to my models.py. We needed to make sure that event and star were never duplicated together so I had to use unique_together. I would have never thought about having to do this but thank goodness others know more than me and can teach me stuff.

It was dinner night so we made enchilada casserole. Jason was home sick so Alice came and hung out until dinner was ready and then took two plates home for them. Miri and baby Michael were in California so Dale came with Penny Loafer. John, Spencer, Taylor, Delaney, Lauren, Sean and the six of us made up the rest of the crowd.

After dinner I looked at my bug again and asked Andrew what he thought might be wrong. He was confuse as well until he noticed that I had something misnamed! Grrr! I hope I get to a point where I can stop making silly mistakes like this. Anyway, that got me back up and running so I was thankful one again for a point in the right direction.

Today I learned a bit more about CSS and how it prioritizes stuff. I am not sure if that’s the correct word though.