2015.02.26 – BSD Pizza Night

I had a very productive day and a great meeting with Peter. We talked about the star placement and CSS issues. He helped a TON with the JavaScript so I was able to get the data to be stored in localStorage.

I worked on getting ‘recent events’ and the sidebar populated so I could get the star placed over the thumbnails. Apparently I had to archive some events in order for ‘recent events’ to populate but I could not figure out how to get events to show up in the sidebar. I’ll have to ask about that tomorrow. All in all I got lots done.

Andrew was working downtown as usual but we both planned to stay all day since Wayne was tearing out a bunch of the ceiling. Once it was close to 17:00 I headed down to his co-working space and he was just about finished. We had a nice ride/walk home in the very light sprinkles.

It was BSD Pizza night so we didn’t spend much time at home before heading back out. We met at Via Chicago Pizza. I was looking forward to a repeat of the yummy pizza I had there a while back. Unfortunately they were out of the tofu ricotta. I was bummed but we ordered another pizza and it was actually excellent! After we ate Andrew sat and talked to everyone while Wayne and I walked down to Back to Eden Bakery. I couldn’t pass it up since it was so close. We got a raspberry hazelnut mini cake and a maple pecan chocolate chip mini pie. The pie was the best. We stayed until after 22:00 just talking and talking but Wayne was exhausted from his labor intense day so we finally headed home. I went straight to bed!

Today I learned about the Promise object. Super cool!