2015.01.29 – Project Roadmap

I was up early and rushing to get ready so Andrew and I could head downtown. We were both a little late so ended up driving the car to the end of the street so we wouldn’t miss the Max. As luck would have it we heard the train coming in as we were locking the car so we went running while buying tickets! Just in time, whew! We hopped on and caught our breath. At the next stop I noticed the Trimet guy checking tickets so I pulled mine up on my phone. When he asked me to show mine I showed him the phone and he wanted to see the QR code. No problem. I showed him and then the most ridiculous thing happened. He said, “Why did you just validate your ticket?” Huh? I said I didn’t. He said, “Do you have your ID?” I gave it to him and he wrote me a ticket?! What the hell? Andrew and I got our tickets at the same time but he didn’t even glance at Andrew’s phone! He handed me the ticket and exited the train. Well then. I hardly knew what happened. I was mad though! I headed straight for the courthouse so I could do whatever I needed to do to fight it and of course I had to take off my knee-high lace-up boots and they had to dig through my backpack. Turns out I couldn’t take care of anything since my ticket wouldn’t be in the system for a few weeks. That’s also ridiculous. The ticket will be $175 if I end up losing. Bastards.

Anyway, I got to Mozilla before 09:00 so that was good at least but I was grouchy so I just went into the Intern room and luckily nobody was there. I worked on my project for quite some time and then Barbara showed up. She had lots to do as well so we were both quiet. Peter wanted to meet and there was also a privacy talk/cantina happening at 14:00 so I asked if we could meet after. He said that was fine. The talk was by Nico Sell and maybe I was just grumpy but I found her talk really irritating. I’m all for privacy but she just did not present well. It was more like a sales pitch. But hey, it was streamed on Air Mozilla! That’s my gig!

After the talk I met with Peter and we talked about my progress and plans. He listened to me and gave me his thoughts. He was very encouraging and helpful. I’m very lucky to have him as a mentor. He made everything sound like it wouldn’t be terribly hard. We’ll see. At least I feel like I keep moving forward and kind of see the road ahead.

Once we were done I worked a bit more and also helped Jordan with some Django issues he was having. It’s funny because Air Mozilla is a Django site and it feels so daunting but helping Jordan with his new Django site feels so, SO easy. Weird. I left around 16:30 and headed down to Andrew’s co-working space. We grabbed a Max home. It was PACKED! I got to see my long lost neighbor who I used to ride the Max with in the morning. She was doing well and it was nice to see her.

We got home and Wayne had torn out a ton more of the old kitchen. It’s really sad and shocking how much material was wasted and ruined because of how the old owner did their “remodel”. I bet she used every available nail in all of Portland. It’s so ridiculous that I had to take pictures. Look all of those nails! Every single wall and the ceiling is just full of nails. She also destroyed so much cedar by coating it in gobs of lacquer. It all just has to be thrown away. Ugh!

2015-01-29 17.59.19

Wayne finished up for the day and quickly showered so we could head to BSD Pizza Night. We ended up at Denicola’s Italian Restaurant since it was next on the list. I was skeptical but the pizza was really good! The sauce was excellent.

Today I learned, thanks to Natale pointing it out, that comprende sounds like comprehend which I had never noticed! Duh. He’s taking Spanish.