2015.01.28 – Ajax Is Not a Thing

I debated about going down to Mozilla but PJ’s and cozy couch won out so I was able to get to work pretty early. I decided I really like the idea of stars for saved events to watch later since it has a nice tie in with Firefox bookmarks. I need to make it save the data on the user side and then have Ajax sync the data to the server. Ok. What the hell is Ajax and where do I get it and how do I use it? I asked Andrew and he kind of laughed and then told me that Ajax is not a thing. It’s a way of transferring data and updating a webpage without reloading it. Ooooooh-kay.

I decided I should probably hit up Treehouse and learn some stuff and things so I started a JQuery track. That was the majority of my day and JQuery is pretty darned cool! And the Treehouse teacher is excellent.

I was supposed to have a meeting with Peter and Richard but it was cancelled so I just plugged along until the day was over. We decided on leftovers for dinner so it was pumpkin pasta and brussels sprouts. Yum! After dinner we watched more Dr. Who. The Doctor regenerated and as per usual I don’t like him! I’m sure I’ll get used to him though.

Today I learned a lot about JQuery.