2015.01.30 – And I’m Lost Again

I had a great talk yesterday with Peter about my project and what I would needed to do but today I felt lost and confused. It just feels like there are lots of parts and pieces to this one and I’ve never done some of them.

I did start building out the project structure by adding a new app to the directory and creating the submodules. I looked at the structure of some of the other apps and tried to see how mine would fit in. I spent the remainder of the day working on learning JQuery. It’s pretty cool and interesting.

We had a quick dinner of burgers and tots and then headed over to Alice and Jason’s house to watch November Man. It was intense! Not sure how I felt about it though. Maybe uncomfortable is a good word. I dunno.

Today I learned Northampton, Massachusetts now has an Amtrak stop! Our friends live there so that’s super handy.