2015.01.27 – Bye Bye Bug

Yay! My PR was good and Peter said he’d merge it in once I squashed all of my commits. No problem! I found a handy way to do that without rebasing or doing a merge squash.

git reset --soft HEAD~3 && 
git commit --edit -m"$(git log --format=%B --reverse HEAD..HEAD@{1})"

This will squash your last three commits onto the current one and also extract all of the commit messages and pass them to git commit. Very handy! As long as one remembers that ~N refers to the last N commits NOT including the latest one. I didn’t remember that so ended up squashing one in I wasn’t supposed to.

Even though Git can go horribly wrong horribly fast it is pretty forgiving so I was able to:

git reset --hard ORIG_HEAD

And viola! Back to where I was before I messed up. I corrected it, pushed it back up and waited for Travis to be happy. Once it all passed, Peter merged it in and I could wipe my hands of that one!

I spent the rest of the day pondering how to implement my next feature. I needed to mimic some functionality that Youtube uses. There is a lot to think about so I poked around Youtube and looked at the Air Mozilla site trying to figure out where it would go, how it would look and what to call it. This will probably take me a few days to work out.

Tonight was dinner night and it was up to me to cook since Wayne was busy with the kitchen demo. I decided to make Creamy pumpkin almond sauce over spaghetti, salad and bread. I made a list and headed to the store. I thought the store would be really crowded but it wasn’t bad at all so I was out of there in no time. Once I got home, Wayne let me know that Alice wouldn’t be coming. Well darn! She always makes the salad and I didn’t buy anything for that and besides it’s not the same without her at dinner night.

Luckily I had stuff to make a simple salad. The bread just had to go in the oven and the sauce is ridiculously simple to make. I also got some fresh spinach to layer under the hot pasta if people wanted that. Dinner came together really quickly because I don’t like cooking so I always pick things that are simple and fast. They also taste great because I love eating good food.

Tonight we had the five of us (Jordan went to a show), John, Spencer, Lauren, Sean, Estelle, Dale, Miri, baby Michael, Jason and Glenn. I always forget to mention the dogs but we have Comet and Lily. Glenn brought Pika, Dale and Miri brought Penny Loafer and Jason brought Ladybug so there was a lot of dog playing going on. I LOVE our full house!

Today I learned about this coolness from the Internet Archive!