2015.01.26 – Back At It

Today I worked amidst the deconstruction. It wasn’t really too bad at all. I submitted my tests for Peter to look over and got a bunch of comments in return. Back to work I went! I fiddled with stuff all day. It seems like it takes me fooooorever to figure out what I’m doing. I feel like I get stuck a lot but I get it figured out. I hope this is normal! Not much else went on but this so I don’t have a lot to say. I did get what I hope is my final PR submitted for this bug so I can move on and panic about the next one 🙂

Today I learned that sometimes being a parent is really difficult. Sometimes we have to do things we really don’t enjoy even though our kids think we are just mean, awful people. Bleh is all the more I have to say about that.