2015-01-25 – Kitchen Demo Continues

The weather was so different today than yesterday. It was much cooler and foggy. We could hear the nearby ships blowing their foghorns. I love all of the sounds we have here. We didn’t have trains or ships in Lake Havasu and rarely ever heard an airliner. We get to see and hear all kinds of cool things here!

Andrew went for a long run while Wayne and I walked down to the community garden. They have the same stuff growing as we do. Kale and beets! When we got home, the wallpaper guy was busy removing the last of the wallpaper in our entryway. Wayne and I ran to the store for some breakfast fixings and then made sourdough pancakes and O’Brien potatoes. Yum! I think we all ate enough to hold us over through lunch.

I puttered around most of the day clearing out the rest of the yellow room and doing some laundry. Alice came over and said she would make dinner again. She suggested buying some pizza dough and making homemade pizza but I told her I could make crust easily and for cheap. I got that started in the late afternoon and then listened to a podcast on This American Life about internet trolls. It was very good! I checked on my dough and yikes it was HUGE! I made enough for six pizzas. Alice handled prepping all of the toppings and I had pizza sauce as well as homemade pesto on hand. I wish I had taken pictures of them. They were excellent! Bob, the wallpaper guy and his wife, Tanya joined us so there were 12 of us. We still ended up with nearly two pizzas left over. That will be perfect for lunch tomorrow!

Andrew, Wayne and I watched another episode of Dr. Who and then went to bed early. A great day 🙂

Today I learned that some scientists may have figured out how to use nuclear waste to generate energy. I’ve been waiting for someone to figure this out for a long time! I hope it’s successful.