2015.01.24 – Like Summer in the Winter

I slept in and it was wonderful. It also happened to be a really beautiful day. It was like summer outside. A warm day and clear blue sky made for a busy neighborhood. People were out doing all sorts of stuff. Wayne and I took a walk to start our day and then he got busy working on kitchen demolition. Jason came over to help as did Taylor. They made a pretty good dent in it while Andrew and I braved Costco.

We went to the one in Beaverton and it actually wasn’t too busy. We got the few things we needed and headed home. Luckily Andrew checked his phone and noticed that there was a huge backup on the freeway heading home. We took a back road through Forest Park and it was incredibly beautiful! I’m glad that we had to alter our route.

When we got back home the deconstruction crew was really hungry. We had a big crowd to feed so I opted to grab sandwiches from East Side Deli. We’ve been great about sticking to our budget and not eating out as much as we used to so I didn’t feel guilty at all. Besides, I didn’t want to make that many sandwiches.

I spent the rest of the day going through and cleaning out the “yellow room”. It’s a small room off of our dining room that has just collected misc stuff. It’s painted bright yellow inside and has some awful foil wallpaper on the walls hence the name. It’s going to become a part of the new kitchen though so it needs to be cleared out so the wall can come down.

Alice had offered to make dinner since the guys were so busy and she knows I hate cooking so she made Frito pie. Yum! It’s just chili over Fritos but it’s tasty. After dinner we went to their house and watched Maze Runner. I kinda liked it. It wasn’t the best movie ever but it kept my attention.

Today I learned that this is the stove I wish we could get for our new kitchen.