2015.01.23 – Working by the Fire

Andrew was working from home and Jordan wasn’t feeling well so I decided to stay home too. It was cold in the house again so Wayne started a fire and I got to work.

2015-01-23 14.53.05

I was trying to write a test to check that a region was properly edited but I couldn’t get it to pass and I couldn’t figure out why. I changed so many things and just couldn’t get it. Finally I asked Andrew to come and take a look at it. He was able to quickly explain where I was going wrong and get me back on track. I got enough forward momentum going to get my test passing! I had three more to work on though and then next one of course had issues. I was expecting an http 200 response but was getting a 302 redirect. I had no idea why or if this was correct so I bugged Peter about it and he helped me figure out how to see what was going on in my test. Once I got my brain wrapped around that I was able to get all four of my tests written and passing. They still need to be more detailed but I have a great start.

Wayne has spent the day demolishing the old kitchen. It’s a lot of work! It’s going to be a nice space once it’s done though. He spent a lot of time making lots of noise, swearing and questioning the construction techniques of the previous owners. Good times!

I remembered that I was supposed to add a link to my blog on the Gnome Wiki so I did that.  Sorry anyone that comes here from there!

We went over to Alice and Jason’s and watched Maze Runner. It was pretty good. Lots of action.

Today I learned how to set up a Google Alert for a Craigslist search I can never remember to manually do. We’ll see if this works out.