2015.01.22 – Two Steps Forward

And one step back. That’s sure how it feels these days. I make some progress and then I get stuck a bit but I figure it out or ask for help.

Andrew was going downtown today so I got up early and headed down with him. I got off at the stop past his and wondered if I might find a lucky penny. Seriously, right around the corner I found two! A man was walking by so I held it up and I said, “Lucky penny!” He said he picks them up as well so I gave him one.

I got to Mozilla pretty early so wasn’t sure if Katt was there. I don’t think the door opens until 08:30 so I waited a bit in the lobby and then went upstairs. She was already there. A man was there hooking up the monitor in the intern space so I set up in the area where we sat for Ascend. It seemed so big and empty all by myself! It didn’t matter for long though because soon I was immersed in what I was doing. I had gotten an email with comments on my PR. Ugh! What a shitty PR I submitted. I don’t even know how I missed some of the things I missed. I fixed them up and resubmitted.

Peter said it was ok and that it happens all the time. We agreed that one just looks at the same code for so long that things just kind of blend and blur. He called it Homeblindnessism. I’m so glad he’s patient and understanding.

We were going to have a Vidyo conference after lunch so I just worked on things until then. The technician had finished setting up in the intern space so I moved in there and got all connected for our conference. It worked perfectly! I was having some issues though. Peter had noticed that I didn’t submit any tests with my PR. Yeah, I missed that. He had submitted a small PR against my PR as well so once I merged in his change to my remote fork, I pulled in those changes to my local branch and then my tests wouldn’t run. I was getting some error about not having the funfactory module. I have NO idea what this means. But Peter said it was an easy fix. Something went all weird with my database or something. He walked me through getting it all fixed up by dropping the database and starting over. Definitely an easy fix.

We talked about my progress and how I felt I was doing. I said I thought I should be faster. He said, “After two weeks?” Well I guess so. I don’t really know. I’m always going to thing I should be doing more most likely. He said he thought my pace was perfect. Whew!

Adam showed up while I was having my conference. It was nice to see him! He was there to work with his pseudo mentor on an issue he was having. Something about a ‘waffle flag’. I dunno. Probably not this:


Jordan was leaving school early so Wayne swung by and grabbed me and then Andrew. It was SO cold in the house so Wayne started a fire. I worked on tests until the point of frustration and then called it a day so I could make dinner. We had Spicy, Creamy Kale Pasta. It was SO good!

Today I learned that there are keyboard shortcuts for Gmail! Why did I not know this until now????