2015.05.09 – Plant Shopping

Andrew woke with the beginnings of one of his weird headaches but he conveniently had a doctor appointment early in the morning. His doctor is wonderful and went over lots of things to try. I also asked for an order to get an MRI just to rule anything out. Andrew went right back to bed when we got home. Wayne and I had plans to go to breakfast with Alice and then pick up her mom and hit the nurseries for some plant shopping. We decided to go to Cup and Saucer on Killingsworth so we could get their yummy pesto and sun dried tomato scramble. There was no line which is always nice and surprising for Portland. Our food was great but the service wasn’t the best.

We wound our way over to Alice’s mom’s place. Her mom is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and is living in an assisted living facility. The place is really nice! I got a bit of a tour before we left. We ended up going to two nurseries and got all sorts of stuff to plant. Lots of vegetables and herbs. I was hoping they had some tarragon plants but they didn’t. We did find more hot pepper plants for Andrew though. The weather is so nice out which made the nurseries extra busy. Lee and I sat in the shade and did some people watching while Alice and Wayne shopped.

We made a quick dinner of soba noodles with edamame, snap peas and carrots. I spent the rest of my evening putting all of my Kindle books in collections. Saturday night excitement for sure!

Today I learned (too late) that it used to be possible to jailbreak my Kindle and then use Calibre to manage books. That would have been handy to know before this last update to the OS!