2015.05.08 – Thanks Obama

Andrew went downtown today since Obama was leaving and the traffic was back to normal. Well, for the Max anyway. Wayne and I ran some errands and got some Thai food for lunch at a food cart near Hippo Hardware. I think I’m turning into a real Pacific Northwesterner because I ordered my food medium spicy and it was SO hot! I couldn’t eat it but the spring rolls were delicious. We picked our lights up and they look great! We have a lot of light fixtures now and all of them are hanging in the upstairs hallway for safe keeping. People are so confused when they go upstairs and see our mini lighting gallery.

I worked on the Mozilla tooltip bug but I couldn’t figure out why my JavaScript wasn’t working. Starring and unstarring events still works but now none of the tooltips work. When I inspect the element it claims to be undefined so there is just something I don’t understand about the syntax. I’ll have to mess with it more a different day.

Lauren, Sean, Andrew, Wayne, Natale, Jayde and I went to Teote for dinner and it was excellent! They only had a couple of vegan options but the bowl I had was so good I’d want it again anyway.

Today I learned that all seven of our blueberry bushes have fruit on them. Some have just a few handfuls but they are all happy this year.