2015.02.21 – Is It Still Winter?

Today was magnificent! It was warm and sunny. I don’t think I saw a single cloud. Alice and Jason returned from their short visit to the coast and stopped to get a load of dirt on the way home. Alice was in heaven working in the gardens. I sat out in the sunshine and gave her some moral support. I found these cool tomatillo skeletons –


Alice pulled up a bunch of beets that have done well all winter. We’ll roast those that are still edible and do something with the greens. Today she planted some beans and peas and there is already a pretty big volunteer pea plant growing in one of our raised beds. I think Jordan is going to be amazed to see everything in full bloom.

Wayne and Jordan were in the house doing more kitchen demo so Andrew and I walked down to La Bonita and got them some lunch. We also grabbed stuff for Alice and Jason and we all sat out front eating in the beautiful weather. I had to take a picture of this tree beginning to bloom.


At some point I realized that when I pushed my changes up to my branch for review I forgot to remove my print statements. Doh! Not a huge deal since this is by no means a final PR but still. I removed them and pushed it up again but that was the extent of coding. I was determined to spend this weekend doing weekend stuff.

We decided on a quick dinner of leftovers so we could go watch a movie at Alice and Jason’s. We had The Skeleton Twins from Netflix. Andrew made a LOT of popcorn and we headed over. The movie was ok. It had some good acting but I’m not sure exactly how I feel about it. Everyone else liked it.

Today I learned some more shortcuts for Gmail. Now if I could just find a way to move off of Gmail completely that would be wonderful.