2015.02.20 – I Can Totally Do This

I worked a bit from home this morning and then went into the office later. Jordan’s class is starting later on Fridays so this might be my new schedule. I was still trying to figure out how the paginate portion of the code worked so I was switching back and forth between my view and one that was already implemented in another view.  Eventually I started to see how it worked and was able to figure out how mine might need to be. I did a lot of changing something and testing, changing something and testing and made slow progress as I went. It was definitely progress though and as always I’m learning a lot as I go.

I eventually got the page to display all of the starred events but it was supposed to only show ten events per page. Huh. I was also not able to navigate properly. I figured it must have something to do with my URLs file. Yup! I fixed that up but now I was only able to navigate to any page but back to the original. Whenever I’d try it would just redirect me to the Air Mozilla home page. I tried fixing my url but that didn’t help. I read the Django docs for a URL redirect but that didn’t clear anything up for me. I searched to see if anyone else had the same issue and didn’t find anything. Ah well it was already time to go home. I’d have to figure it out later.

When I got home I decided to work on putting my CSS and HTML where it was supposed to go and see if I could get the start to overlay the starred event thumbnails. That was actually a lot easier than I had expected! It was kinda cool to see it all just work. I still had to figure out how to connect all of that to my code but Peter would be helping me with that.

Jayde and Estelle were upstairs getting ready for a school dance. Jayde just doesn’t seem old enough for such things but she’s in 7th grade now. She asked me if she could wear a little makeup. Oh man, I’m not sure I’m ready for this! She looked adorable though and I couldn’t really tell she had makeup on.


I asked Andrew if he would look at my two issues when he was done working. I was passing the wrong variable into a list function so it was just taking all of the events and making multiple pages with all of them. Grrr, that was too easy. I get annoyed when I miss stuff like that. The second one I wouldn’t have probably figured out. I guess because it was a redirect, the first place I had it go, which was the home page, was cached so it made no difference at all that I was changing the URL. Nothing was going to work properly until the cache was cleared. Andrew said it only finally occurred to him because he had dealt with something similar earlier in the week. SO many things to learn.

We made homemade pizza for dinner. It was excellent! I’m not sure why we don’t have this more often since it’s really easy to make. I made some tofu ricotta and topped mine with that, sauce, butternut squash, red onion, sweet peppers and massaged kale. Yum, yum, yum!

We were watching the kids for Dave and Alena while they went to some dark beer festival of some sort with Mike and Merci. The kids had just been sick so they were kind of tired and blah and really just wanted to watch movies. Baby Anya just wanted to be held so we all just sat and stared at the tv. Even kids have those days I guess! But Dave, Alena, Mike and Merci had tons of fun so that was good.

Today I learned to try using a private browser window to test if something might be messed up due to a caching issue.