2015.01.31 – Cooking and More Cooking

The Superbowl is tomorrow so I spent the day cooking all sorts of stuff to bring to Spencer and John’s house. Since we are vegan and they are not I figured I should make a decent variety of stuff so we could eat a bunch of crap and still have plenty to share.

I made Pepper Jack and Mozzarella cheese, roasted chickpeas, and jalapeno hummus. Jayde made four dozen chocolate chip cookies and I have more stuff to make tomorrow. I also decided we should have burritos and spanish rice for dinner but when I got home we didn’t have any canned beans. We have a giant bag of dry pinto beans though and we have a pressure cooker so I looked online for a recipe and pressure cooker cook time. It looked super simple and would take less than an hour start to finish. I got everything in the pressure cooker and tried putting on the lid. It didn’t go very easily so I stopped trying before it was all the way closed but then couldn’t get it back open. I had somehow got the lid on crooked and it ended up STUCK. Wayne came in and had to try for a really long time to get the lid off but he finally managed. Yay! When the lid is on properly it closes very easily. Noted.

The recipe said to keep all of the water that is left with the beans and then re-fry them. Apparently when quadrupling the recipe there ends up being too much water so it took a really long time to cook the beans down enough to be the right consistency for burritos. They were still really good though.

I helped Jordan for a bit with his To Do List application and everyone else went to bed. I thought about staying up to work on my Mozilla stuff but decided I’d get some rest since I’d have to cook again for most of the morning. Bleh, I hate cooking! I love eating though.

Today I learned that David Tennant was in a ton of other stuff that I will have to find time to watch.