2014.08.20 – A Tech Meetup for Me

Tonight I went to my second Women Who Code Portland meetup and it was great. There were about 25 – 30 women, all with varying degrees of coding experience. We had a JavaScript class for those interested and a general hack night for the rest. It feels like such a wonderful group of women. The meeting was at PDX Code Guild where I am a graduate. Kinda, I guess. It was in their new space which they moved into at the very end of my class time with them so it doesn’t feel like “home” but it’s a really great space. Tons of room and lots of areas for small or large groups to gather. Sheri, the school director, provided snacks and drinks. I did the JavaScript class but it was pretty easy. I really like the woman who runs the WWC group. She is really down to earth and is very good at explaining things. She refers to herself as a regex ninja and will be teaching us about them in a few weeks. I am very much looking forward to that as regular expressions still elude me.

Today I learned that I am part German. I never knew this! I was always told that my maternal grandfather was completely Irish but it turns out his mother was completely German. 23andme says I am 98.3% European.

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