2015.05.31 – Busy Day

Today was just a lot of running around. Andrew and I walked to The Arbor Lodge coffee shop which I had been wanting to try since we moved here two years ago. I wish I had gone sooner. Their chai is home brewed from a spice mix and not a pre-made syrup. It was every bit as good as Spella! Andrew said his espresso was really good too so that’s saying a lot. We stopped in New Seasons for a couple of things and then meandered home stopping to chat with a neighbor who makes his own wine. Nice guy!

Andrew did a run through of his talk he is giving at YAPC and I gave him some suggestions and then we had to run up to Vancouver to see about getting our posters framed. That was a pain in the ass. Way too many choices! We got it all figured out and paid for though so there’s that.

We came home for a short time and then had to drive out to Beaverton which is really only about 8 miles away but feels really far, and meet Dave for dinner and general hanging out. He had just returned from Lake Havasu where he was helping his mom pack her house and move in with them. We went to an Indian restaurant right by their house and sat outside. The weather was perfect! We sat out there for quite some time before giving up our table so others could enjoy it. We walked to Dave’s house and found Alena and the kids outside with the neighbors and their kids. We all stood around and talked for a while before noticing how late it was. These summer nights are deceiving.

Today I learned that a 92 year old became the oldest woman to finish a marathon!