2015.05.29 – Laser Tag!

Today was the hunger banquet at Trillium. Jayde’s middle school advising class was putting it on. I didn’t know what it was exactly but sure found out when I got there. As we entered the cafeteria we were each handed a slip of paper. Mine had my income level (low) and a short bio about my character. I was instructed to take a seat on the floor with some others. There were other people, not many, being seated at a nice table and others being seated in chairs. We were split into three income levels and got to hear about what each demographic experiences day to day. When it came time to eat the group at the table was served a nice meal, the middle income group had rice and beans and our group had rice and water. I didn’t realize that about half the world population is undernourished and that about 9500 children die each day from starvation. Most of the students didn’t seem to care too much about this but it was eye opening for me.

We were celebrating Jayde’s birthday today by having some of her friends come over for burritos and cake (she wanted the rice cooker chocolate cake again) and then we drove back down to Milwaukee for laser tag. I was just going to sit in the lobby while they played but Lauren, Sean, Jason and Wayne were going to play as well so I decided to join. Andrew went with us but he wasn’t feeling well so he read his book while we played. We had a group of ten and played our first game against ten little kids who kicked our asses. Little jerks! The second game was just us so five against five. It was SO much fun! Would play again!

Today I learned that laser tag is a lot of fun!